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Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (ALUDRA and INTISAR)
aludra MK1 aludra SR-08 aludra SR-08
intisar 100 intisar 300 intisar 300

ALUDRA MK1 (Alliance Unmanned Developmental Research Aircraft)

The aircraft was developed for battlefield surveillance and reconnaissance. The airframe is constructed from advanced aerospace composites materials and is remotely controlled form a Tactical Ground Control Station (GCS). ALUDRA can transmit real-time video imagery to the ground station and can be programmed for autonomous flight.

Its rugged construction will allow it to be deployed and recovered from any unprepared grass or gravel runaway. Apart from military applications, ALUDRA System is also suitable for other applications such as monitoring of disaster area, forest fires, maritime surveillance, law enforcements and even traffic monitoring.

The Aludra MK1 is currently in operation at Semporna Sabah. The Aludra is operated on a lease contract with the Malaysian Armed Forces to perform the surveillance and reconnaissance mission in Sabah’s border.


This platform is a lightweight, transportable system that includes two platforms, compact ground control station with backup power cells for both UAV and GCS. The two platforms are transported in a backpack weighting only 9kg. This system is reliable solution to front line intelligence gathering but also surveillance of both sea and land terrain. It takes up to 5 minutes to set up and launch the platform. Aludra SR-08 can be controlled in both autonomous and semi-autonomous modes.


A Remotely Piloted Helicopter System (RPV) is a low cost solution for providing aerial video surveillance and serial photography services. The RPV consists of an airborne platform and a Ground Control System (GCS).

The airborne platform includes the RPV helicopter, stabilized camera mounts, flight stabilisation system and video receiving station.

Extremely mobile and can be quickly deployed from virtually any location. With vertical takeoff and landing capabilities, copled with the ability to hover while tracking targets, INTISAR 100 is the perfect surveillance tool for both military and commercial applications.


Intisar 300 is fully functional unmanned helicopter, which has successfully completed test in emergency services and vessel reconnaissance. Platform is equipped with changeable payloads- video or infrared camera on gyro – stabilized gimbal.

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