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CTRM was awarded a contract to design, manufacture, supply, install and commission 2 units of RADOME for the Royal Malaysian Air Force or RMAF.

RADOME is a sphere shape structure built to protect the radar antenna or radar dish from the damaging environment elements that might effects the radar performance.

Construction Characteristics

  • Designed based n pentagonal and hexagonal shape panels with plastic foam core and high strength reinforced plastic laminate skins for strong structural integrity.
  • Panels are bolted in a predetermined manner to form spherical RADOME.
  • Base panels will have an integrity moulded flanged for mounting to its foundation with anchor bolts.
  • Panel sizes are controlled in shape, area, width and length for optimum electromagnetic performance with manageable size for handling during installation and limitation imposed during shipping.
  • Total number of panels: 181 panels for RADOME at Western Hill, Penang and 186 panels for RADOME at Bukit Kubong, Labuan.
  • Size ranges from 1.9m X 2.2 m to 2.7m x 3.0m
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