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Unmanned Systems Technology Sdn Bhd (The INTISAR 300)

Intisar 300 is fully functional unmanned helicopter, which has successfully completed test in emergency services and vessel reconnaissance. Platform is equipped with changeable payloads- video or infrared camera on gyro � stabilized gimbal.

Technical Specification

Payload : 2kg
Range : 15 km max
Flight Endurance : 90 minute (1.5 hrs) with gas engine
40 minutes with electric engine
Engine : gas engine/ electric engine
Altitude : 2000 m above sea level
Dimension : 0.4 m x 1.6 m x 0.67 m
Rotor Diameter : 1.77 m
Speed : 0 � 70 km/h (37.8 knot)
Launch : Vertical- automatic
Landing : Vertical- automatic
Navigation : GPS / Glonass
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