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Unmanned Systems Technology Sdn Bhd (The INTISAR 100)

A Remotely Piloted Helicopter System (RPV) is a low cost solution for providing aerial video surveillance and serial photography services. The RPV consists of an airborne platform and a Ground Control System (GCS).

The airborne platform includes the RPV helicopter, stabilized camera mounts, flight stabilisation system and video receiving station.

Extremely mobile and can be quickly deployed from virtually any location. With vertical takeoff and landing capabilities, copled with the ability to hover while tracking targets, INTISAR 100 is the perfect surveillance tool for both military and commercial applications.


Gross Weight : 13 kg
Payload : 5 kg
Material : Aluminum Alloy and Carbon Fibre
Dimension : Length 4.4 ft; Rotor diameter is 5 ft.
LOS Range : Less than 2 km
Max Altitude : 800 ft
Endurance : 1 hour
Cruise Speed : 80 km/h
Launch/Recovery : Vertical take-off and landing (VTOL)
Payload : Real Time 2-AXIZ Hi-Definition Video and 6 MP Digital Still Camera
Power Plant : 26 cc Petrol Engine
Navigation : GPS
Data Link : 1.2Ghz Video, 72Mhz Control, 900Mhz Telemetry Auto Flight-Stabilisation
Aplication : Land Monitoring and Surveillance
Plantation Monitoring and Surveillance
Homeland Security
Border Patrolling
Environment Data Collection
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