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Unmanned Systems Technology Sdn Bhd (The ALUDRA SR-08)


This platform is a lightweight, transportable system that includes two platforms, compact ground control station with backup power cells for both UAV and GCS. The two platforms are transported in a backpack weighting only 9kg. This system is reliable solution to front line intelligence gathering but also surveillance of both sea and land terrain. It takes up to 5 minutes to set up and launch the platform. Aludra SR-08 can be controlled in both autonomous and semi-autonomous modes.

Technical Specification

Payload : Module of video cameras/ photo cameras/ infrared cameras
Range : 15 km max
Flight Endurance : 100 minutes (1hr 40 mt)
Altitude : 4000 m above sea level
Wingspan : 81 cm
Length : 42.5 cm
Weight : 2.1 kg
Speed : 65-130 km/h (30-70 knot)
Engine : Electric
Launch : Hand launch
Landing : Parachute
Wind speed at launching : 15 m/s (29.15 knot)
Navigation : GPS/ Glonass
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