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In September 2007, Spirit AeroSystems awarded a contract to CTRM. It was the first Boeing contract awarded to CTRM. It was considered a huge milestone for CTRM Group of Companies, as before this we were known to be one of the major composites aero structures suppliers for Airbus aircrafts. This was the first of many contracts for Boeing to be awarded to CTRM.

And began the long and perilous journey of ours to be a qualified Boeing supplier. Since that day, our Boeing team at CTRM AC relentlessly putting in their efforts to ensure that CTRM would be awarded with Boeing Qualification.

In their quest for a better understanding of the process, our Boeing team had been engaged into various discussions with Spirit AeroSystems. They had provided us with the much needed assistance and cooperation. Even Boeing also sent their representative to assists us.

The three areas involved for Boeing Qualification Approval are the process, equipment and facility. Each of this area will be audited and qualified by Boeing. Although the quest started since September 2007, the actual qualification process was only conducted from 21 October to 14 November 2008.

In the actual process, CTRM was required to demonstrate and test the process, equipments and its facility. A test panel was also manufactured for quality testing.

The whole Boeing Qualification Approval process took nearly one and a half year. And in April 2009, we were finally awarded with Boeing Qualification D-653993. Now we are qualified to manufacture products for type BAC5317-1, BAC5317-3 and BAC5317-4.

These product types are parts for Engine Struts Forward Firing (Boeing B737, B777 & B767), Bullnose/Cascade Ring, Duct and Chine for Boeing B777. As of today, CTRM is fulfilling its various Boeing contracts worth more than RM390 million.

With this Boeing Qualification Approval, every team members are now required to double their efforts to ensure that this qualification will not be revoked in the future. To maintain an achievement is never an easy task, as they must ensure that this qualification will stay here at CTRM.

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