TVET has started in CTRM way back in 2012 through the establishment of Aerocomposites Training Center (ACTC). Since its inception until today, ACTC has established strategic relationships with several local educational and technical institutions such as ADTEC Taiping, ILP, IKM, KKTM Masjid Tanah and MyLand Academy in Melaka. Around 1,800 skilled workforce has been produced and absorbed as CTRM permanent employees through TVET.

On November 14, CTRM was honored to receive a working visit from Deputy Minister of Human Resources, YB Dato’ Haji Mahfuz bin Haji Omar and his delegates. The visit coincided with the development of TVET Programs conducted in CTRM. He was briefed by Chief Executive Officer of CTRM, En. Shamsuddin Mohamed Yusof that the initiative taken by CTRM is primarily to supply manpower in line with the Key Initiatives of the Malaysian Aerospace Industry Blueprint 2030 and to support the human development program among local talents. This include CTRM signed Memorandum of Agreement with MARA and Ministry of Youth & Sports (KBS). The collaboration with MARA has produced 126 apprenticeship of Industrial Diploma (DKM Phase 4) from KKTM Masjid Tanah and 77 apprentices from GIATMARA Simpang Empat. Meanwhile, the Memorandum of Agreement with KBS has produced 169 apprentices in the field of SKM2 and SKM3 composites implemented at IKBN Pekan, Pahang.

YB Dato’ Haji Mahfuz was accompanied by few government officials from various agencies mainly Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF), Jabatan Tenaga Kerja Negeri Melaka (JTKNM), Jabatan Tenaga Kerja Semenanjung Malaysia (JTKSM), Pejabat Tenaga Kerja Negeri Melaka (PTKNM) and Jobsmalaysia Centre Melaka (JMC). Delegates were taken around CTRM facility where they were walked through few processes in the plant which included the NDT, the assembly line, the paint shop at Building 3 and also covering Building 5.

CTRM’s Team Earn Gold Award at ICQCC Singapore

Composite Technology Research Malaysia (CTRM) took home the Gold Award recently at the International Convention on Quality Control Circle (ICQCC) held in Resort World Sentosa, Singapore from 22 to 25 October 2018. With a project entitled “To improve tool reliability for A350 IBF/OBF package by improving tool rework method and process enhancement”, CTRM was represented by TQM Improvement Team. This team consists of 5 members from various departments specifically from Tooling, Manufacturing Engineering and Quality Department.

The project help saved RM 1,359,717.75 per year by implementing suitable rework solution, introducing suitable hand tools in production process and changing the mould design. In the same event, 4 other teams from DRB-HICOM Group is Pos Malaysia Berhad, Proton Holdings Berhad, Puspakom Sdn Bhd and Pos Aviation Sdn Bhd also received gold awards.

Last year, TQM Improvement bagged 6 awards: Champion for CTRM HCDP Convention 2017, Champion for DRB-HICOM HCDP Convention 2017 Green belt Category, Gold Award for MPC Mini Convention Team Excellence 2017, Gold Award for MPC Regional Convention Team Excellence 2017 and Gold Award & 3rd Place for 10 best projects at MPC National Convention Team Excellence 2017.

ICQCC has been observed as the de facto international event for work improvement teams to pitch their projects to an independent pool of international assessor, with the intent of attaining international recognition and cross-learning. This annual event builds up positive momentum with more than 2000 delegates and participation of more than 470 teams. Currently 13 regional economies participated includes: Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore as the host.


Surviving in one of the most challenging businesses in the world, aerospace manufacturers needs to develop a set of skills that become a core part of their DNA and standardized them into best practices. To realize this, CTRM devotes to giving continuous effort and commitment towards producing and improvising the quality of work packages sent to our customers.

With the theme ‘Say No to FOD, Say No to Counterfeit Parts & Yes to Product Safety’, Quality division had organized a Quality week for three days starting from 26 to 28 September 2018. The annual event aims to promote awareness among CTRM staff particularly in three main aspects; FOD*, counterfeit products and product safety.

First introduced in 2014, this year marked the 4th Quality Week event successfully executed. As the saying goes, ‘Quality is not an act, it is a habit’, this event covered on broad spectrum of quality when the activities sets were not only focusing on quality for production, but has widen it’s focal point on the importance of health quality of staff in order to produce quality products.

In collaboration with Putra Hospital and Eyecon Optometrist, talks on health issues related to eyes and ergonomics were partly the main agenda. This is very essential to ensure our workers are aware of their health conditions and allow us to maintain and optimized our work quality for a long term.

According to Mr. Sivakumar Maniraj, event coordinator, ‘’ we received encouraging response from CTRM staff during this special week. As part of the activities, we also displayed our first Eagle 150B aircraft and I believe it is a friendly approach to deepen the knowledge of our staff on the products that we manufacture”. En. Ridzuan Abdul Rahman, speaker during Program Quality Talk added “CTRM always complies with the requirements of rejecting counterfeit parts. For any purchase of goods or products, the supply chain department will go through the approved supplier list. Every item that goes into CTRM is approved by the customers and we do not use counterfeit items”.

Other than Quality and Health talk, activities line up during this week were launching of the Autonomous Maintenance ‘Saya Guna Mesin, Saya Jaga Mesin campaign’ by HMS and booth openings by Engineering, Health, Safety & Environment (HSE), Human Capital & Administration (HCA), Hicom Management System (HMS), and also external from insurance and banking. To add interest to the event, various games such as spot the defects, find me and do you know me were also conducted primarily to test the knowledge of our staff on parts that we produce.

“we enjoyed ourselves with all the activities and games organized as at the same time we could increase our knowledge on defects “ says one of the participants.

Quality week is the right platform to help educate CTRM staff on the importance of quality in their job and life. Quality isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.

* foreign object debris

CTRM cadang tembusi segmen perniagaan bersepadu

Anak syarikat milik penuh Drb-hicom Bhd komited untuk mantapkan pengeluaran komponen pesawat

Pengeluar komponen aeroangkasa, Composites Technology Research Malaysia Sdn Bhd (CTRM) bercadang untuk meneroka segmen pengeluaran kerusi pesawat dan kerja pemasangan serta sub-pemasangan bernilai tambah tinggi. Dalam pada itu, anak syarikat milik penuh Drb-hicom Bhd itu juga komited untuk memantapkan pengeluaran komponen pesawat, selain daripada merangsang segmen perniagaan pemasangan bersepadu, yang mana termasuk bahagian dalaman, kabinet penyediaan makanan dan tandas pesawat.

“Kami percaya terdapat bidang yang mana kami boleh terus memanfaatkan aplikasi komposit dalam usaha untuk meningkatkan perniagaan kami pada masa hadapan. “Bagaimanapun, ia masih di peringkat awal dan kami sudah berbincang dengan beberapa pihak untuk rancangan ini”.

“Kami juga bekerjasama dengan institusi penyelidikan dan rakan kongsi sebagai pelanggan berpotensi kami,” kata Ketua Pegawai Eksekutifnya, Shamsuddin Mohamed Yusof, kepada NST Group dalam satu temu bual di Kuala Lumpur, baru-baru ini.

Bida lebih banyak kontrak

Shamsuddin berkata, CTRM sudah memulakan aktiviti bida bagi pengeluaran kerusi pesawat dan membentangkan keputusan ujiannya kepada pelanggan berpotensi. Syarikat itu juga sedang membida lebih banyak kontrak dan pengembangan tempahan daripada pelanggan sedia ada dan pemain aeroangkasa utama.

“Industri aeroangkasa terus menikmati momentum pertumbuhan yang baik dan kami melihat permintaan memberangsangkan daripada pengeluar pesawat baharu di seluruh dunia”. “Kami yakin mendapat manfaat daripada permintaan itu kerana akan ada pesanan dari pengeluar peralatan tulen (OEM), walaupun kekurangan pembangunan pesawat baharu,” katanya.

Mengikut Unjuran Pasaran Global Airbus 2018-2037, kira kira 37,400 pesawat baharu bernilai AS$5.8 trilion diperlukan dalam tempoh 20 tahun, dengan peningkatan lalu lintas pada kadar 4.4 peratus setahun, memacu keperluan untuk 37,390 pesawat penumpang dan pengangkutan baharu.

CTRM terbabit dalam pengeluaran komponen pesawat termasuk sayap, ekor kapal terbang dan penutup enjin, menggunakan bahan komposit. Pelanggan utama termasuk Spirit Aerosystems, syarikat yang mengeluarkan komponen sayap, dan UTC Sistem Aeroangkasa, syarikat pengeluar penutup enjin. Secara keseluruhan, pendapatan bagi kumpulan CTRM sebahagian besarnya berasal dari Airbus, Boeing dan lain-lain, dengan masing-masing menyumbang kira-kira 70 peratus, 27 peratus dan 3.0 peratus.

Teknologi baharu

Shamsuddin berkata, CTRM menubuhkan beberapa kerjasama dengan institusi dan penyelidik serta akademik dari universiti Eropah dan OEM untuk merumuskan aplikasi bahan baharu. Beliau berkata, aplikasi itu mesti sesuai dengan teknologi baharu termasuk sistem acuan pemindahan resin, pemprosesan luar autoklaf, teknik penyerapan dan struktur termoplastik yang berpusat pada penemuan kos.

“Kami melihat banyak eksperimen berlaku dalam industri. CTRM sedang menuju ke arah itu bagi memastikan teknologi baharu dapat memberi perkhidmatan yang lebih baik kepada kami,” katanya.

Shamsuddin berkata, CTRM dijadualkan untuk menyiapkan kemudahan pengeluaran keenamnya bernilai RM125 juta menjelang akhir bulan ini, memberikan ruang lantai gabungan 1.0 juta kaki persegi untuk digunakan bagi pemasangan komponen pesawat untuk setcip Airbus A320 dan A350.

“Kami percaya terdapat bidang yang mana kami boleh terus manfaatkan aplikasi komposit dalam usaha untuk meningkatkan perniagaan kami pada masa hadapan” Shamsuddin Mohamed Yusof, Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif CTRM

Source: Berita Harian, 23 August 2018

CTRM Weighs in on Encouraged Demand for Aircraft Globally

KUALA LUMPUR: DRB-HICOM’s subsidiary, Composites Technology Research Malaysia Sdn Bhd (CTRM) is sanguine about the encouraged demand for the new aircraft globally particularly from airliners.

Its chief executive officer Shamsuddin Mohamed Yusof said CTRM would continue to aggressively bid in manufacturing aircraft components, diversifying into aircraft seats production and venturing into high-value added sub-assembly and assembly works.

“The aerospace industry continues to enjoy good growth momentum. Apart from going after some of the low-hanging fruit business, we are currently bidding for more contracts and expansion of orders from existing customers and prominent aerospace players.

“We are confident to be able to benefit from such crutch as there will be orders from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), despite the lack of new aircraft development,” he told NST Business in an interview recently.

According to Airbus Global Market Forecast 2018-2037, about 37,400 new aircraft valued at US$5.8 trillion will be required over 20 years, with traffic growing at a resilient 4.4 per cent per year, driving a need for 37,390 new passenger and freighter aircraft.

Airbus chief commercial officer Eric Schulz said there is a growing trend to use aircraft across a broader range of operations, with today’s more capable aircraft blurring the boundaries between market segments.

“These realities made us develop a new segmentation with small, medium, large and extra-large categories, reflecting more closely the way airlines operate aircraft,” he said.

Airbus noted that the growth drivers include private consumption increasing 2.4 times in emerging economies, higher disposable incomes and a near doubling of the middle classes globally.

The report also highlighted that greater aircraft range and capacity through technological developments allow airlines the flexibility to explore new business opportunities whilst maintaining focus on cost reduction.

Shamsuddin said CTRM is also committed to pursue into more integrated assembly for its future plan to manufacture aircraft seats and interior parts for the aircraft including galleys and lavatories.

“We believe that there are the areas we can continue to leverage on composite application in order to boost our future business.

“However, it is still in preliminary stage and we have been talking to several parties for this plan. We also work with certain research institutes and partners for our potential customers,” he added.

Shamsuddin said CTRM’s biggest customers include Spirit AeroSystems (produces wings components) and UTC Aerospace Systems (produces fan cowl).

CTRM group’s overall revenue is largely derived from Airbus, Boeing and others, contributing about 70 per cent, 27 per cent and 3.0 per cent, respectively.

Shamsuddin pointed out that CTRM began in the bidding activities for the aircraft seats manufacturing and had presented its test result to potential customers.

Shamsuddin said through continuous development, CTRM would also create more employment for Malaysians with the aim of adding 300 jobs within two to three years from the current 2,700 jobs at its facility in Batu Berendam, Melaka.

“Aerospace industry is a highly regulated sector that requires competent workforce. We currently employ technicians, executives and engineers, which are the crucial jobs at our plant. This is the benefit that the industry contributed to the well-being of the people locally,” he said.

Shamsuddin said CTRM is focused on improving its operation efficiency, identifying new technology to enhance its aircraft components manufacturing and developing its human capital to remain competitive and ensure future sustainability.

“We were seeing that the aerospace industry landscape in the past few years was in the midst of transforming itself into more cost-conscious.

“OEMs like Airbus and Boeing are now looking more rigorously on the cost-reduction activities, enabling them to remain competitive and sustainable in the long run.

“Demand from airliners is centred towards price reduction for aircraft, which has become more obvious than before, particularly with the emergence of low-cost carriers (LCCs) as their business model require them to look into ways of cost-cutting measures,” he said.

Although there was not much of new generation aircraft development, Shamsuddin said aircraft requires years to manufacture unlike cars, however, airlines kept placing their orders for an improved version of aircraft.

“Being the manufacturer for the aircraft components, we are seeing the shift from the traditional technology to more advancement technology application.

“It’s important for us to relook into this to stay ‘afloat’ as the industry landscape has been changing and becoming more demanding,” he said.

Shamsuddin said CTRM has established a few collaborations with institutions and researchers as well as academia from the European universities and OEMs to formulate new material application.

He said the application must suit with new technology including the resin transfer moulding system, out-of-autoclave processing, infusion technique and thermoplastic structure that are centered towards cost breakthrough.

“We are seeing a lot of experimentation going on in the industry. CTRM is moving towards that direction to ensure the new technology can serve us better,” he said.

Shamsuddin said CTRM is slated to complete its sixth manufacturing facility worth RM125 million by end of this month, giving a combined floor space of 1.0 million sq ft to be used for the assembly of aircraft components for Airbus A320 and A350 shipsets.

CTRM is primarily involved in manufacturing aircraft components including wings, tailplane and fan cowl (engine cover), using composite materials.

Source: New Straits Times, 23 August 2018


ctrm news ctrm news ctrm news

The Malaysia Aerospace Summit 2018 (MyAero ‘18) organized by Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) projects new milestone in promoting local aerospace capability in producing world class aerospace products to the global market. Held at MITI Tower for 2 consecutive days, 14th and 15th September, the event is a collaborative effort led by the National Aerospace Industry Coordinating Office (NAICO) with various agencies including the SME Corporation Malaysia (SME Corp. Malaysia), Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) and Aerospace Malaysia Innovation Centre (AMIC).

The program comprises 4 main agenda – industry forum, aerospace research seminar, aerospace exhibition and career talk. Guest VIP, YB Sivarasa Rasiah, Deputy Minister of Rural Development officiated the event. Also present was Darell Leiking, Minister of International Trade and Industry accompanied by Deputy Minister YB Dr Ong Kian Ming and Secretary General YBhg Datuk Isham Ishak. According to Darell, "Malaysia has a huge potential in the global aerospace business. Aerospace products are made in Malaysia are being supplied throughout the world and this has contributed to the growth of our aerospace export. He added, "to sustain our competitiveness, we have to focus on competency development and Industry 4.0 implementation that will lead us to produce high value added and complex aerospace products,".

More than 30 mostly home grown companies participated in the event, highlighted the progress of various respective aerospace ventures in Malaysia. Among them were National Aerospace and Defence Industries (NADI), UMW Aerospace, Malaysia Airport, Air Asia, Airbus Malaysia and CTRM itself. This is the second for CTRM after our participation in debut event in 2017.

The Industry Forum organized by MARA NAICO International Aerospace Symposium (MINAS’18) on the topic of ‘Aerospace Supply Chain & Standards – Challenge and Opportunities’, saw our CEO, Mr. Shamsuddin invited as one of the main speakers alongside Norazhar Musa, Senior Manager of T7 Kilgour Sdn Bhd, Jason M.Casebolt, Director of Quality, Aerospace Composite Malaysia Sdn. Bhd, and Hafeiz Hassan, Chief Operating Officer, STRAND Aerospace Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Meanwhile Mr Zainul Arifin, Head of Production Engineering spoke at the Aerospace Research seminar on CTRM technology roadmap, and Che Zulhaimee Abdullah, Head of HCA on career in aerospace.

The dignitories made a brief stop at CTRM booth and was impressed with CTRM showcase of GE fan cowl and picture gallery of CTRM’s People, Products and Services.


ctrm news ctrm news ctrm news ctrm news

Double win for CTRM when two groups; The Captivators and The Machinist both won Gold award for their cost saving projects during the MPC Regional Team Excellence Convention Southern Region held in Johor Bahru recently. The two groups have successfully continued the legacy of CTRM’s ‘The Probe’ and ‘TQM Improvement’ who had also won gold award last year in this same convention.

The Captivators which comprises 5 members presented their project entitle ‘Fiber Breakout Scrap Cost Reduction for A350XWB IBF OBF FY 2017/2018’ managed to locked the cost savings amount of RM256,030.06 . Emphasizing on enhancing deburring method, reprogramming of NC cutting path and tool modification, the cost saving for this project has further reduced scrap panel by 50%. Concurrently, this increase the overall effectiveness efficiency for more than 80%.

On the other hand, The Machinist presented a project on improvements on tools and process for probing that escalate the OEE target. With the title ‘CNC# Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) Improvement through Reduction of Setup Time’ this group managed to do savings of RM 152,000.00. This project benefits CTRM in terms of reducing backlog, reducing machine time losses and on time delivery towards customers.

The two days event which was held at Holiday Villa, Johor Bahru was graced by Y.B. Dato’ Hj Azmi bin Rohani, State Secretary of Johor. Participated by 59 teams from 33 organizations in Malaysia, this event serve as the best platform to encourage project teams particularly in production to presents their improvements projects. The finalist were evaluated on the basis of; project selection and definition, analysis on improvement opportunities, creative and innovative preposition.

In different event held at EON Head Office Complex, the two teams turned up as finalist in the DRB-HICOM Innovative Creative Circle (ICC) / HMS Capability Development Programme (HCDP) along with Bold Riko, another new team. Held on 17 July, CTRM have sent the three teams to compete in three categories; Black Belt, Green Belt and ICC.

CTRM appeared to provide the best performance when Bold Riko emerged as the Champion in Black Belt category with the cost savings of RM 2, 477,855. Improvements were made on critical spare parts inventory monitoring system, manpower shift pattern rationalization and reduction of machine repair time which benefits towards reducing the labour overtime cost reduction. Meanwhile, The Captivators won 1st runner up and was nominated for best presentation in Green Belt category. The Machinist team managed to get consolation prize for the ICC category.

18 teams from 13 companies under DRB – HICOM participated in this competition. The award was given away by Dato’ Abdul Harith Abdullah, Chief Operating Officer of Automotive Distribution, Defence, Manufacturing & Engineering. May this victory propels CTRM further to take up future challenge. Congratulations to ‘The Captivators’, ‘The Machinist’ and ‘Bold Riko’ for the winnings. May the force be with you!


ctrm news ctrm news ctrm news

Keeping up with the excellence practice in every aspects of working areas, CTRM again scored zero findings in the Measurement and Inspection audit that was held from 26 July to 28 July 2018. This audit focused on two selected areas which are CMM & Laser Tracker.

Auditing were assessed based on three scopes which involves the AC7130 Rev C - Nadcap Audit Criteria for Measurement & Inspection (M&I) Accreditation Program, AC7130/1 Rev A - Nadcap Audit Criteria for Measurement & Inspection (M&I) Accreditation Program - Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) and lastly the AC7130/2 - Nadcap Audit Criteria for Measurement & Inspection (M&I) Accreditation Program – Laser Tracker.

Going deep in this Measurement and Inspection (M & I) process, this is one of the practice in manufacturing to ensure that the products are meeting the specification. Any failure to accurately measure will lead to performance degradation, manufacturing and assembly problems. These will eventually increase the cost or lead-time, reducing life, servicing problems and parts failure which must be avoided.

The audit result have shown that the team has worked diligently in ensuring that the result is of the best outcome. The auditor, Ms. Agueda E. Gonzalez, from Performance Review Institute (PRI), Warrendale, Pennsylvania acknowledged the hard work from every one involved and according to her, “CTRM is very well prepared for this audit and the traceability as well as process control are very good too”. She added that CTRM possess good operator training and very confident inspectors. ‘’All personnel involved were professional and cooperative”.

It was indeed a very positive and encouraging comments. Credits to the team involved in this audit; Metrology Department and Quality Assurance supported by Program Quality, Supply Chain, Commercial, Engineering as well as Calibration. CTRM is by far on the right track and we hope to hear more good news after this. Congrats team!


ctrm news ctrm news ctrm news ctrm news

CTRM Testing Laboratory or CTRM TL is one of the three subsidiaries of CTRM Group and was incorporated in 2010. Originally a department in CTRM Aero Composites, the decision to transform it into business entity was made based on its strong market potential and to support its strategic initiative to enhance CTRM’s footings in the aerospace industry. The move was also planned to reduce CTRM AC’s dependency on outside vendors with the investment in various high-tech laboratory machineries and equipment.

CTRM TL is primarily involves in providing composite and aerospace testing services to the aerospace companies with major customer none other than its sister company, CTRM Aero Composites. Other customers include local Malaysian companies, and few from South East Asia and Middle East. The laboratory is accredited with ISO 17025 and the first in Asia to be accredited with Nadcap* AC7122 since 2010. In June 2017, Airbus has granted CTRM TL with ‘Airbus Independent Not Referent’ laboratory status followed by the approval from Airbus Defence & Space (ADS) in October 2017 as ‘Airbus Independent Laboratory’.

With a total of 18 certified and well-trained engineers, CTRM TL offers range of testing services in both products and materials which include Mechanical test, Physical test, Chemical test and Thermal test. All the services are being carried out at their Lab located within the CTRM facility in Batu Berendam, Melaka. In its diversification exercise, CTRM TL has expanded its services to cover the Construction industry and recently included Calibration in its services portfolio.

To further sustain its business and remain relevant in a very competitive market, CTRM TL is looking at establishing strategic technology partners in both testing and calibration technologies. The initiative is also targeting to broaden the market and go beyond South East Asia. In 2019, CTRM TL targets to become a fully certified Airbus Independent Laboratory by Airbus while adding Metallic testing and Failure Analysis testing capabilities in its current portfolio covering various fields including aerospace, construction, energy, oil and gas, automotive and locomotive with DRB HICOM member companies as primary target market.


ctrm news ctrm news

Adding feather to its back, CTRM marked another national achievements by winning 2 awards during the recently held 4th Edition of Malaysia Best Employer Brand Awards 2018. The two awards, Employer Brand Award 2018 and Malaysia’s Most Talented HR Leaders were received by En. Roslan Roskan COO CTRM Aero Composites who represented CTRM CEO Mr Shamsuddin Mohamed Yusof, meanwhile En Che Zulhaimee Abdullah, Head of Human Capital & Administration received the Malaysia’s Most Talented HR Leaders award.

The Malaysia Best Employer Brand Awards features top organizations from Malaysia who are exemplary in Human Resource and used marketing communications effectively for Human Resources Development. The award seek to recognise organisations with outstanding achievements in translating and combining vision with action and HR Strategy, building line to mesh HR Strategy with Business and cultivating competencies for the future to enable building the organization to be future-ready.

Malaysia Best Employer Brand Awards are hosted by Employer Branding Institute; World HRD Congress & Stars of the Industry Group and endorsed by Asian Confederation of Businesses.


ctrm news ctrm news ctrm news ctrm news ctrm news

Jabatan Kesihatan, Keselamatan & Persekitaran (HSE) dengan kerjasama Jabatan Pengurusan Sumber Manusia, Hicom Management System (HMS) dan Jabatan Komunikasi Korporat (CCD) buat julungkalinya menzahirkan komitmen kecintaan terhadap alam sekitar dengan menganjurkan kempen CTRM Go Green bermula dari 2 April sehingga 13 April 2018.

Kempen yang berlangsung selama 2 minggu ini bertujuan untuk meningkatkan kesedaran wargakerja CTRM akan kepentingan pemeliharaan alam sekitar terutamanya di tempat kerja disamping membudayakan aktiviti melestarikan alam sekitar.

Menurut Ketua Jabatan HSE, kempen ini merupakan satu pendekatan positif yang cuba dilakukan oleh CTRM untuk mengenengahkan konsep Go Green di dalam kilang malah inisiatif ini sekaligus menunjukkan komitmen CTRM terhadap Bahagian IV Akta Kualiti Alam Sekeliling 19741 . Tambah beliau lagi, “kempen ini memberi imej positif kepada CTRM sebagai salah sebuah syarikat aeroangkasa bertaraf antarabangsa yang mengutamakan konservasi alam sekitar”.

Sinonim dengan itu, pelbagai aktiviti telah dianjurkan antaranya adalah taklimat dan pameran alam sekitar, program kantin hijau, kempen 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) dan gotong-royong (Go Green Hour). Melalui program kantin hijau, semua warga kerja yang membeli makanan di kantin perlu membawa bekas makanan sendiri. Pihak kantin tidak menyediakan sebarang polisterina atau plastik. Menariknya, mereka yang terawal membeli makanan akan menerima bekas makanan percuma yang disediakan oleh pihak penganjur.

Selain itu, sebagai inisiatif untuk menggalakkan para pekerja menggunakan barangan terpakai di tempat kerja masing-masing, pihak HSE turut menganjurkan pertandingan rekacipta dan inovasi. Para peserta perlu menggunakan barangan terbuang dan kitar semula yang boleh digunakan di tempat kerja atau sewaktu proses kerja. Penyertaan yang menggalakkan dalam kalangan warga kerja menunjukkan komitmen staf terhadap kempen ini adalah pada kadar terbaik.

Dinamiknya, CTRM bukan sahaja komited untuk menjadi sebuah syarikat pembuatan komposit kapal terbang terkenal bertaraf antarabangsa, tetapi turut juga menekankan aspek pemeliharaan alam sekitar dalam menjalankan operasi syarikat.

1Bahagian IV Akta Kualiti Alam Sekeliling 1974 – Larangan dan kawalan mengenai pencemaran.


ctrm news

The Malaysian Productivity Corporation (MPC) recently honored some of the companies who demonstrate high productivity using local talents. The objective was to strengthen the awareness on the importance of productivity improvement for higher economic growth and to recognize high productivity performance companies with world class management practices. It is also to encourage companies to reduce dependency on the low-skilled foreign workers.

Held at MITI Ballroom, Menara MITI, Composites Technology Research Malaysia (CTRM) emerged as a Gold achiever for Local Large Companies category for the year of 2017. CTRM was among six other local companies nominated for the award. Another two categories being contested for manufacturing sector was multi-national companies and small medium enterprise.

The criteria of assessment comprises 50% for qualitative measures on strategy, people, operation and customer while another 50% was based on quantitative measures with indicators on labor productivity, capital productivity, capital intensity and process efficiency. Two more indicators were labor cost competitiveness and profitability.

The award was given away by the Honorable Dato’ Sri Mustapa Mohamed, Minister of International Trade & Industry. Mr. Che Zulhaimee Abdullah, Head of Human Capital & Administration CTRM represented En Shamsuddin Mohamed Yusof CTRM CEO to receive the award.


ctrm news ctrm news ctrm news

CTRM participated in the recent Singapore Airshow 2018 which has been dubbed as one of the most prominent Aerospace and Defense events in the Asia region and third largest in the world. The event which ran from 6 until 11 February, was held at Changi Exhibition Center brought together the global aerospace community and key commercial, government and military delegations. Among the exhibitors were the major OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer) namely AIRBUS, BOEING, EMBRAER, and COMAG, and 1st tier companies, Rolls Royce, UTC Aerospace, Spirit Aero-systems, Rockwell Collins, Pratt & Whitney, Kawasaki and Mitsubishi.

CTRM debut participation as exhibitor in Singapore Airshow was in 2012. In line with its key strategic initiative to expand the business, this year CTRM decided to take part for the second time with joint-participation of all the 3 CTRM subsidiaries to showcase wide spectrum of capabilities focusing on composites aero manufacturing, cabin interior and testing capabilities. Occupying a showcase area of 25sqm, CTRM exhibited its composites seat pan and seat back sample components as part of its strategy to introduce and subsequently promote the company’s new product portfolio, the composite cabin interior. Another significant showcase was CTRM Testing Laboratory capabilities focusing on the recently acquired status of Airbus Independent Laboratory which was a major selling point of the company.

CTRM was represented by personnel from 5 working groups namely Business Development team including reps from CTRM CE and CTRM TL, Business Supply Chain & Vendor Management team, and Production Engineering team who attended and participated in B2B meetings. The teams executed a total of 81 meeting sessions, mostly pre-arranged with a few walk-in guests/inquiries, covering the 4 focused areas; Business Exploration, Technology Exploration, Customer and Vendor Management and Engagement. In addition to meetings, the Production Engineering team also attended seminar on Aerospace Innovation as part CTRM strategic moves to explore and expand its technology and engineering capabilities. CTRM CEO, Mr. Shamsuddin Mohamed Yusof led the team of both management and working level personnel to the event.

With participation of more than 1,000 companies from 50 countries represented by mainly senior management personnel, this event offered huge business opportunities and new potential customers for CTRM mainly from Japan, Unites States, Europe & Middle East countries. Among meetings included current customers, AIRBUS & Spirit and new potential partners; Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), Strata (a Mubadala company), Korean Air Lines (KAL), Comac (China) Nippi, Kawasaki (Japan), FACC (Germany) and many others. Meanwhile, team Business Supply Chain and Vendor Management had a successful vendor engagement meetings on issues ranging from quality, commercial and technical, supply commitment as well as potential new suppliers. In all, the venture at Singapore Airshow 2018 was a great success for CTRM and already we are looking for more exciting element on the next show in 2020.


ctrm news ctrm news ctrm news

Composites Technology Research Malaysia (CTRM) telah meraikan 93 pemenang yang mempamerkan pencapaian cemerlang dan prestasi tinggi dalam majlis Anugerah Pekerja Terbaik Suku Tahunan Pertama dan Kedua 2017/2018, pertengahan Febuari lepas.

Majlis yang dianjurkan oleh Jabatan Pengurusan Sumber Manusia, CTRM, bertujuan untuk menghargai komitmen yang telah diberikan oleh warga kerja CTRM terhadap syarikat.

Majlis penyampaian anugerah tersebut telah disempurnakan oleh Ketua Pegawai Operasi CTRM Aero Composites, En.Roslan Roskan.

Semasa ucaptamanya, beliau telah menekankan tentang istilah individualistik atau bergerak berseorangan tidak wujud dalam mencapai sesuatu kejayaan syarikat, pembangunan kemahiran setiap warga kerja CTRM juga merupakan sinergi yang positif di dalam memastikan kejayaan yang hendak dikecapi.

Tambahnya lagi, “impian untuk berada di peringkat ‘Super Second Tier Company’ di antara syarikat aero angkasa ternama akan menjadi kenyataan jika kita sama-sama menggembeling tenaga dan fokus sebagai satu pasukan”.

Turut hadir menyampaikan anugerah adalah Ketua Jabatan Sumber Manusia, En. Che Zulhaimee Abdullah diiringi En. Noor Azizi Ismail, Ketua Pentadbiran Jabatan Sumber Manusia.

Sepanjang majlis ini dianjurkan bermula pada tahun 2014/2015, seramai 484 pekerja telah berjaya menerima anugerah ini dan dua daripadanya telah menerima anugerah yang sama sebanyak empat kali. Kriteria yang ditetapkan untuk melayakkan warga kerja menerima anugerah ini antaranya adalah komitmen terhadap kerja, penglibatan dalam aktiviti syarikat, kedatangan dan kesempurnaan hasil kerja.

Selain penyampaian anugerah, acara lain yang diadakan adalah slot motivasi yang disampaikan oleh En.Zulfadhli Idrus, Penolong Pegawai Operasi CTRM Testing Laboratory.

Tahniah diucapkan kepada semua penerima anugerah. Semoga komitmen yang diberikan akan diteruskan sepanjang masa dan lebih ramai warga kerja akan lebih komited dalam menjalankan tugasan masing-masing. CTRM, Maju terus maju!

CTRM stands out at MATRADE Export Award 2018

ctrm news

Composites Technology Research Malaysia (CTRM) kicked start the new year on an extremely good note when it received a prestigious Bumiputera Exporter Award 2017 from MITI during the recent MATRADE Export Award 2018 (MEA). The award was given away by the Minister of International, Trade & Industry, YB Dato’ Sri Mustapa bin Mohamed to CTRM CEO, Mr Shamsuddin Mohammed Yusof.

CTRM was one of the three recipients of the Award, selected based on the export volume which contributed to the exceptional trade performance reported for Malaysia in the first 11 months of 2017 comprises the total value of trade, exports, imports and trade balance which eclipsed the whole performance of 2016.

Held at Menara MATRADE Kuala Lumpur, the award event was held in conjunction with MATRADE’s 25th year Anniversary Celebration with the theme “Celebrating 25 Years of Exports Excellence”. The winners were selected by the panel of judges from MITI, MIDA and MATRADE. The MEA was introduced to encourage more Malaysian companies to go beyond borders and embark on export business A total of 30 winners were selected under 10 categories covering Products and Services by SMEs, MTCs, Large Companies, Bumiputera, Women and Youth Companies as well as MNCs.

The first ever recognition for CTRM by MATRADE, the Award is a testimonial of CTRM’s contribution towards the growth of the nation, achievement of which has propelled the company as one of the major global player in the composites and aerospace industry. CTRM’s success story shall also serve to encourage more local companies to go beyond Malaysia and expand into international markets and subsequently strive for excellence.

Export Day 2018, which kick-started a long list of planned activities for MATRADE’s Silver Jubilee celebration had announced on MATRADE’s 397 programs in pursuance of its mission to solidify our Malaysian exporters internationally. The one day event has also been occupied with two panel sessions titled ‘The Export Journey’ and ‘The Future Export’ from big-league exporting companies.

Best of luck for the year of 2018 #SpreadOurWings!


ctrm news

Penutup tirai program tahunan CTRM bagi tahun 2017 telah diakhiri dengan penganjuran program ‘CTRM Fun Run 1.0’ yang disertai oleh wargakerja CTRM bersama ahli keluarga masing-masing. Bermula jam 7.30 pagi, seramai lebih 500 orang peserta telah mendaftarkan diri untuk mengambil bahagian.

Program julungkali ini telah dianjurkan atas inisiatif Jabatan Pengurusan Sumber Manusia syarikat dengan kerjasama Kelab Sukan & Rekreasi CTRM untuk menyokong kempen ‘Health is Wealth’ yang sebelum ini telah dilancarkan oleh Jabatan Kesihatan, Keselamatan & Persekitaran (HSE).

Larian sejauh 5km ini telah dibahagikan kepada tiga kategori iaitu kategori terbuka, veteran dan kanak-kanak bawah 12 tahun. Larian ini telah menarik minat ramai warga kerja CTRM yang turut hadir bersama keluarga.

Bagi kategori terbuka, 10 pemenang kategori wanita dan 10 pemenang kategori lelaki telah menerima medal dan tiga pemenang utama telah menerima hadiah berupa wang tunai. 10 lagi pemenang untuk kategori veteran dan 10 pemenang kategori kanak-kanak masing-masing turut menerima medal kemenangan serta hadiah wang tunai bagi tiga pemenang utama. Hadiah telah disampaikan oleh Ketua Pegawai Operasi CTRM Aero Composites, En. Roslan Roskan.

Memeriahkan lagi acara pada hari tersebut adalah aktiviti-aktiviti sampingan seperti car boot sales, aktiviti menunggang kuda, aktiviti mewarna bagi kanak-kanak, aktiviti Zumba dan kehadiran badut yang telah menceriakan suasana.

Penganjuran acara ini jelas menunjukkan komitmen pihak pengurusan CTRM dalam menekanan gaya hidup sihat dan seimbang di kalangan warga kerja. Diharapkan aktiviti seumpama ini dapat dianjurkan lagi pada masa akan datang dengan pengelibatan lebih ramai wargakerja dan penambahan aktiviti yang lebih menarik.


60 orang murid terdiri daripada anak-anak warga kerja CTRM telah terpilih untuk menerima sumbangan kelengkapan barangan persekolahan berupa baucer daripada syarikat pakaian dan perkakasan sekolah di Melaka. Sumbangan yang diberikan adalah untuk memenuhi tanggungjawab sosial korporat dalam menghadapi musim persekolahan baru.

Inisiatif yang telah digerakkan oleh Jabatan Komunikasi Korporat CTRM ini telah mengambil kira beberapa kriteria yang ditetapkan oleh jabatan sumber manusia untuk tujuan pemilihan. Mereka yang terpilih telah menerima baucer sumbangan bernilai RM100.00 bagi setiap seorang dan sudah pastinya sedikit sebanyak dapat membantu ibu bapa untuk persediaan sekolah anak-anak mereka.

Majlis penyampaian sumbangan telah diadakan sewaktu perhimpunan mingguan CTRM dan disempurnakan oleh COO CTRM Aero Composites, En. Roslan Roskan dan En. Sheikh Hedra Sheikh Musa mewakili Jabatan Komunikasi Korporat CTRM. Anak-anak ini telah diwakili oleh ibu bapa masing-masing bagi menerima sumbangan yang diberikan.

Semoga inisiatif murni ini dapat diteruskan pada masa akan datang dan sekaligus juga menjadi pemangkin kepada anak-anak untuk terus belajar dengan cemerlang dalam pelajaran. Selamat Tahun Baru!


ctrm news

At the occasion of International Convention on Quality Control Circle (ICQCC) 2017, an event organized by Quality and Productivity Association of the Philippines (QPAP), the FBI Team from CTRM Equipment and Maintenance Department was awarded with a Gold Award for their presentation on ‘FB 2 UHF Connector Improvement’.

FBI Team performances have been remarkable since three years ago when it first joined the Internal Convention 2015 and where it managed to secure the first place. Later in 2016 they were awarded with a gold award in Mini MPC Convention on Team Excellence 2016 for Southern Region. The same year FBI Team won another three awards, third place for DRB-HICOM Innovative Creative Circle/ Quality Improvement Team (ICC/QIT) Convention, a gold award for MPC Regional Convention on Team Excellence 2016 (Southern Region) and managed to conquer another gold award for MPC National Convention on Team Excellence 2016. During the MPC National Convention, they have also been recognized among the 10 best project for manufacturing sector.

The stupendous result in Manila has been meaningful since this is the first international event that CTRM has participated to showcase CTRM best project. It helps to unleash the potentials in every participants especially in exposing them with better soft skills. FBI Team managed to be among 310 gold qualified presenters from 13 countries including 36 teams from Malaysia. Also participating during the event under DRB Group were Q-Master Team from PUSPAKOM and Inocap Team from Pos Aviation.

ICQCC promotes the theme; ‘Quality Teams Evolved, Driving Change and Sustainability through Quality Circles’. This is one of the best accomplishment accomplished by our CTRM staff member in an event. Kudos and fly higher CTRM!


CTRM Testing Laboratory (CTRM TL) rakes in another recognition after obtaining the ‘Testing Laboratory Approval for Independent Laboratory’ approval last October 6, this time from the Airbus Defence & Space (ADS), Spain.

With this approval, the laboratory will be able to provide testing services to other ADS suppliers listed in the ‘Airbus Defence & Space Certified Process List’ where mainly the suppliers are located in the Europe region like Spain, Poland, Portugal, France etc. This status adds another success to CTRM TL for the year 2017 after receiving the first recognition last June from Airbus, France which is the ‘Airbus Independent Not Referent’ laboratory status.
CTRM TL started to perform the testings for ADS packages since 2005 for HTPTE (Horizontal Tail Plane Trailing Edge), VTPTE (Vertical Tail Plane Trailing Edge), VTPLE (Vertical Tail Plane Leading Edge) and ribs. The test covers Incoming Receipt Tests (IRT) for raw materials, In Process Test (IPT) for process control, First Article Inspection (FAI), First Part Qualification (FPQ). Later in 2009, the testing work increased to three work packages which are Non Common Cowling (NCC), Airduct and Bearing Rib which makes the total testing done to seven.
CTRM Testing Laboratory is a subsidiary of CTRM focusing on composite testing. In it’s early years, the company provide testing capabilities to CTRM Aero Composites for it’s aerostructure programs. Throughout the years, CTRM TL has progressed very well amongst the aerospace players and has diversified towards non aerospace testing activities which includes automotive, construction and energy industries. The diversification also means that CTRM TL will open its doors as a “commercial lab” which can be utilized by any industry players. It is now looking to expand it’s customers base by acquiring certifications and recognition from OEMs. Keep on shining CTRM TL!


ctrm news

Composites Technology Research Malaysia (CTRM) received an inaugural visit by the new AIRBUS Procurement Structure Leadership, Thierry Gendre. This visit to CTRM facility was to share the latest progress in operational excellence program, AIRBUS SQIP (Supply Chain & Quality Improvement) and update on CTRM Business Strategic moving forward. Accompanying him was Paul Adams, Procurement Operations Aero Structures, POSW.

During the visit, Mr. Gendre and Mr. Adams were shown around the facility and completed 12 checkpoints that covers Building 1, Building 3, Building 5 as well as the new development area, Building 6. This visit potrays the new improvements that CTRM had done for the whole year especially from the last visit by Paul Adams three years ago. “Last year, CTRM is recognized by AIRBUS as the Best Improver, this time I wanted CTRM to be the Best Performer and use this as a marketing tool for CTRM to get more business”, says Gendre. “… It is very hard to get good reputation but it takes lesser time to lose credibility…” he continued.

Paul Adams could not agree more when he sees so much improvements in CTRM compared to his previous visit. “CTRM have passed the nervous point where people in AIRBUS now stop talking about CTRM. All the old perception of CTRM slowing down has gone, replaced by new fresh and good perception”.

The recognition expressed by AIRBUS shows the strength of CTRM and the company’s position is now at par against other AIRBUS supplier and hope it will be better for the next future. Maju, Terus Maju CTRM!


ctrm news

CTRM Composites Engineering Sdn Bhd (CTRM CE), the non-aerostructure composites manufacturing division of CTRM was recently invited by Perbadanan Usahawan Nasional Berhad (PUNB) to support their endeavour to promote the FOOD TRUCK business among SMEs particularly in Melaka. The event which was held to launch the ‘50 PUNB Melaka Entrepreneurs & Mobile Food Truck Financing’ took place at Kobemas Hotel, Melaka and was officiated by Tan Sri Haji Mohd Ali bin Mohd Rustam, Chairman of PUNB. PUNB is offering food truck financing of up to RM 150,000 with fast approval of *7 days; with no guarantors, upfront payment, or collateral.

The support from PUNB’s financing program will pave way for CTRM CE to offer their latest product and to gain quick entry into the food truck market. With their in-house engineering expertise coupled with the flexibility of composites, the truck body is designed with a ‘monocoque’ construction. Unlike conventional metallic truck bodies, a monocoque construction means the body is manufactured in one piece, allowing for rounded edges and seamless wall joints. This means better aerodynamics and coverage for decal/advertisement around the truck body. The use of composites also allows for weight reduction of up to 30% from the conventional truck bodies which translates to more payload and better fuel efficiency.

The food truck is offered with two chassis options; TATA Super Ace and Daihatsu Gran Max which comes with local OEM warranty. Apart from these options, CTRM CE also offers customised design and larger truck bodies. During the event, CTRM CE displayed their prototype courier truck body mounted on the TATA Xenon. This demonstrated the advantages of monocoque construction and the overall finishing.

Composite food truck is just one of the non-aerospace products in CTRM’s effort to diversify its product offering to serve its long term business expansion and growth strategy. This is just the beginning of CTRM CE’s involvement in manufacturing composite truck bodies and are anticipated to reveal more of the latest innovations from time to time. For more information on the product or any other services offered by CTRM CE please call Ms Wani at 013-6972490 or 06-3171007 (Ext: 1983)


ctrm news

Marc Duvall, President of UTC Aerospace Systems (UTAS) complimented CTRM for it’s continuous effort in bringing the company to a higher level of competencies in aerospace industry. This was conveyed during his visit to CTRM facility on 19 September. In addition to that, Mr. Duvall acknowledged the people development program, reward scheme as well as kaizen activities practiced in the company.

His one day visit has covered important part of CTRM’s new and ongoing development particularly on the UTAS program. CTRM had also shared the status of the A350 Fan Cowl Transfer of Work progress starting from its it’s delivery performance, quality performance, tool transfer update and also on CTRM’s plans for manpower trainings to ensure smooth operations and readiness for the company on being the A350 Ffan Ccowl single source supplier.

Overall, the UTAS President was impressed with all the progress that CTRM have made and have highlighted the importance of keeping employees motivated and to keep on participating in the continuous improvement activities. Delegates were then brought to the factory tour started from B1, B3, B2, B5 and finished at B3, DOMAL room.

The visit ended with the CEO, Mr. Shamsuddin Mohamed Yusof thanking the delegates for the visit and reemphasizing on the importance of UTAS as one of CTRM customers.


ctrm news

2017- Kempen ‘Kesihatan adalah Kekayaan’ dengan rasminya telah dilancarkan oleh Ketua Pegawai Operasi CTRM Aero Composites, En. Roslan Roskan pada 22 Ogos lepas dan berakhir pada 29 Ogos. Kempen yang dianjurkan oleh Jabatan HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) ini diketuai oleh En. Mohd Aliasman Morshidi.

Bertemakan kesihatan sebagai tunjang utama, kempen ini mensasarkan objektif untuk memberi kesedaran tentang kepentingan menjaga kesihatan selain menggalakkan pengamalan gaya hidup sihat dalam kalangan warga kerja CTRM. Antara Jabatan kerajaan yang turut memberi sokong dalam menjayakan program ini ialah Kementerian Kesihatan Melaka dan Pusat Rehabilitasi PERKESO Melaka. Hospital Pantai, Hospital Putra dan MyOrtho juga turut serta dalam menjayakan program ini.

Berlangsung selama lebih kurang seminggu, kempen ini telah berjaya menarik minat ramai warga kerja CTRM untuk melibatkan diri secara aktif khususnya dalam ceramah-ceramah kesedaran kesihatan berkaitan kesihatan jantung, penyakit tibi, penyebab kanser, pengurusan stress dan bahaya merokok yang dianjurkan. Program lain yang turut ada antaranya adalah program derma darah, perkhidmatan berhenti merokok, saringan pemeriksaan kesihatan, saringan karbon monoksida, program zumba bersama warga CTRM dan konsultasi ortotik iaitu mengenal masalah kaki yang berkait rapat dengan tubuh badan secara percuma.

Program ‘Biggest Looser’ turut dianjurkan untuk warga CTRM yang serius ingin menurunkan berat badan. Program ini telah melibatkan penyertaan 36 orang warga kerja dan mendapat khidmat khas daripada jurulatih Jom Kurus 1 Malaysia, En. Amir Khushairi dengan tawaran harga serendah RM170 selama 6 minggu. Satu penjimatan yang banyak berbanding perkhidmatan menurunkan berat badan yang ada di luar.

Menarik lagi tentang kempen ini, setiap peserta akan menerima 2 jam ‘training hours’ setiap kali menghadiri program yang diadakan sekaligus menggalakkan penyertaan ramai dalam kalangan warga kerja. Bagi program derma darah, pihak HSE telah bekerjasama dengan Hospital Melaka dan berjaya mendapat sokongan daripada 254 orang penderma.

Program seperti ini akan diteruskan lagi pada masa akan datang dengan sasaran warga kerja CTRM yang lebih ramai.

Strategic Fit Meeting (SFM), another Success for CTRM

ctrm news

Strategic Fit Meeting (SFM) is an annual event held every once a year in CTRM with the presence of Airbus delegates together with CTRM top management as the core members. This was organized to ensure that both companies are connected on the same level of objective to fulfill the demand and satisfactions of the customers. Apart from that, it is also to ensure that CTRM are strategically aligned with Airbus requirement.

Held on the 14 September, CTRM has gladly received 10 Airbus delegates to their Batu Berendam facility. The one day event highlights the needs of our company to ensure the alignments in operations, commercial and technological advancement is parallel with Airbus specifications and in the interim, we are at the same par or above our colleagues in this industry.

During the meeting, Airbus has acknowledged CTRM’s top notch performance in delivery and even impressed with CTRM operational excellence initiative that has been implemented. The people development program that we are promoting has been another ‘wow factor’ that excites Airbus.

In short, the meeting was a huge success to both companies. Airbus is looking forward to support CTRM’s technological advancement road map. Meanwhile, CTRM will maximize all potentials that they have and mobilize their strength to be a leading global player in composites and aerospace industry.


Sebuah pesawat Airbus A320 kelihatan terbang membelah awan pada ketinggian kira-kira 10,000 meter dari aras laut. Siapa sangka, model pesawat keluaran syarikat aeronautik, Airbus yang berpangkalan di Toulouse, Perancis, menggunakan sebahagian komponen berasaskan komposit yang dihasilkan di Malaysia. Tambah menarik, lebih 5,000 pesawat A320 yang sedang beroperasi di dunia hari ini mempunyai komponen sayap yang dibekalkan oleh syarikat tempatan, Compo¬sites Technology Research Malaysia (CTRM) yang beroperasi di Batu Berendam, Melaka.

Komponen sayap itu termasuklah panel spoiler, panel aileron dan sirip tepi belakang serta sharklet. Ternyata, ini merupakan suatu pencapaian dan pengiktirafan yang harus dibanggakan oleh seluruh rakyat Malaysia setelah hampir 60 tahun negara mengecapi kemerdekaan.

Menyingkap kembali sejarah penubuhan anak syarikat DRB-HICOM yang memulakan operasi sejak lebih 25 tahun lalu itu, ia mula mengorak langkah dalam pembuatan struktur aero komposit pesawat selepas berjaya membida projek pembuatan komponen pesawat komersial Airbus A300 pada tahun 2001.

Ketua Pegawai Eksekutifnya, Shamsuddin Mohamed Yusof berkata, CTRM dianugerahkan projek pertama pembekalan komponen panel sirip tepi belakang bagi Airbus A300 oleh pembekal Tier 1 Airbus iaitu BAe Systems UK (kini dikenali sebagai Spirit Aerosystems).

Menurutnya, terdahulu CTRM mendapat projek sulung dalam pembuatan pesawat ringan Eagle 150B. “Pada tahun 1991, CTRM menghantar seramai 35 orang pelatih teknikal dalam kalangan rakyat tempatan ke Eagle Australia di Perth untuk mempelajari dan mendalami kemahiran pembuatan komponen berasaskan komposit pesawat ringan Eagle 150B dan membawa pulang teknologi itu ke negara pada 1995”.

“Semasa di Perth, kami telah berjaya membuat dan memasang sebanyak 44 buah pesawat Eagle 150B dan sebanyak 18 buah lagi di fasiliti CTRM Batu Berendam, selain turut berjaya menerbangkan pesawat pertama pada tahun 2001 selepas mendapat kelulusan daripada Jabatan Penerbangan Awam,” katanya.

Bertitik tolak daripada kejayaan projek pertama pesawat komersial itu, syarikat tersebut mula mendapat perhatian bukan hanya daripada Spirit AeroSystems malah beberapa pembekal Tier 1 lain seperti UTC Aerospace yang seterusnya membuka peluang kepada CTRM membida projek bagi pesawat Airbus A320, A380, A400M dan Boeing B787, B737, B777 dan B767 yang teknologi komponennya lebih kompleks. Sebagai rekod, CTRM telah berjaya mendapat 21 projek pembuatan komponen pesawat komersial dan ketenteraan sehingga hari ini.

Antara komponen utama yang dihasilkan oleh CTRM adalah komponen sayap untuk pesawat Airbus A320/321, A350, A380 dan A400M. Bagi komponen penutup enjin, CTRM telah diberi projek bagi pesawat Airbus A350, A400M, Boeing B787, Bombardier C Series dan Mitsubishi Regional Jet. Bahagian komponen ekor pula, CTRM juga mengeluarkan komponen berkenaan untuk pesawat A400M dan Airbus Helicopter H130.

Pusat kecemerlangan

Sektor aeroangkasa yang sa¬ngat sulit dan proses pembuatan¬ komponen adalah tertakluk kepada spesifikasi kejuruteraan yang ditentukan oleh pengeluar pesawat seperti Airbus dan Boeing termasuk bahan mentah yang digunakan seperti karbon fabrik prepreg, komponen metalik, teras honeycomb dan sebagainya. Shamsuddin berkata, kebanyakan daripada pembekal bahan-bahan mentah itu adalah dari negara-negara Eropah, Amerika Syarikat dan China yang diimport masuk ke dalam negara menerusi Pelabuhan Klang dan Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur.

“Untuk memastikan bekalan mentah yang dibekalkan ke CTRM berterusan, kami mengikat kontrak dengan pelbagai pembekal global terutamanya di Eropah dan Amerika Syarikat.

“Begitu pun, bagi memboleh¬kan CTRM kekal berdaya saing, syarikat akan sentiasa memberi keutamaan kepada pembekal yang menawarkan harga paling kompetitif untuk menjamin kesinambungan perniagaan dalam jangka masa panjang,” jelasnya.

Hari ini CTRM muncul sebagai pembekal global komponen komposit aeroangkasa berstatus Tier 2 yang utama dan diiktiraf oleh pengeluar pesawat-pesawat komer¬sial utama di dunia termasuk Airbus dan Boeing. CTRM juga telah menerima beberapa pengiktirafan daripada syarikat-syarikat Tier 1 seperti Spirit Aerosystems dan UTC Aerospace di atas prestasi cemerlang dalam kualiti pembuatan komponen dan penghantaran.

Selain itu, CTRM kini muncul sebagai Pusat Kecemerlangan Komposit dan Aeroangkasa bagi kedua-dua komponen sayap dan penutup enjin yang berasaskan komposit berteknologi tinggi. Menurut Shamsuddin, kejayaan itu antara lain didorong oleh lebih 2,700 tenaga kerja berkemahiran tinggi dan keupayaan syarikat untuk melabur dalam pembelian mesin-mesin berteknologi tinggi seperti autoclave serta mesin berkejituan tinggi selain pembinaan fasiliti besar dan lengkap.

“Status CTRM sebagai syarikat milik kerajaan juga turut menyum¬bang kepada keyakinan pelanggan. Sebagai pembekal utama dan tunggal bagi komponen sayap serta penutup enjin global, selain merupakan pusat kecemerlangan komposit dan aeroangkasa, ia me¬rupakan suatu pencapaian membanggakan buat CTRM selaku syarikat tempatan bumiputera di negara ini,” ujarnya.

Pembekal tunggal

Keupayaan CTRM menjadi pengeluar tunggal di dunia bagi beberapa komponen termasuk penutup kipas enjin dan sayap pesawat merupakan satu pengikti¬rafan kepada syarikat tersebut wajar dibanggakan oleh seluruh rakyat Malaysia. Shamsuddin berkata, hari ini, CTRM bukan sahaja dikenali sebagai pembuat komponen komposit tetapi juga telah melibatkan diri dalam kerja-kerja pemasangan penutup kipas enjin berteknologi tinggi.

Sehingga hari ini, CTRM telah mengeksport lebih kurang 9,000 komponen dengan anggaran nilai sebanyak RM60 juta hingga RM70 juta setiap bulan.

Jumlah ini dijangka akan terus meningkat pada tahun berikutnya ke anggaran 10,000 komponen sebulan seiring dengan peningkatan permintaan untuk dua model utama Airbus A320 dan Airbus A350. Kesemua komponen-komponen komposit CTRM dihantar ke pusat-pusat pemasangan pesawat di Eropah, Amerika Syarikat, Korea Selatan dan negara ini.

Ditanya mengenai perancangan CTRM pada masa depan, Shamsuddin berkata, pihaknya sedang berusaha untuk mempelbagaikan portfolio produk. “Kami akan menceburi bidang ruang dalaman serta tempat duduk pesawat berasaskan komposit yang kini sudah pun mema¬suki fasa pembangunan di CTRM,” katanya.

Source: Kosmo, 27 Ogos 2017


Industri pembuatan komponen pesawat di negara ini yang dipelopori CTRM berupaya membuka peluang pekerjaan kepada orang ramai dalam melahirkan kepakaran tempatan.

Hari ini, CTRM berjaya menjana sebanyak 26 peratus peluang pekerjaan bagi industri aeroangkasa dan seterusnya menyumbang sebanyak 13 peratus daripada pendapatan negara melalui sektor aeroangkasa tempatan.

Ketua Pegawai Operasi CTRM Aero Composites, Roslan Roskan berkata, sejajar dengan pertumbuhan industri aeroangkasa yang pesat, CTRM mengambil inisiatif menubuhkan Pusat Latihan Komposit Aeroangkasa (ACTC) di bawah Divisyen Sumber Manusia syarikat itu. Menurutnya, sejak ditubuhkan pada tahun 2012, ACTC telah berjaya melatih lebih 2,000 pekerja mahir yang terdiri daripada juruteknik dan jurutera tempatan.

“ACTC juga berkeupayaan untuk melatih 600 perintis setiap tahun untuk menampung keperluan tenaga mahir di dalam pelbagai bidang antaranya pemasangan mekanikal, juruteknologi mesin autoclave, pemeriksa kualiti dan lain-lain. “CTRM juga telah berkoloborasi dengan institusi pengajian tinggi tempatan seperti Kolej Kemahiran Tinggi Mara, Pusat Latihan Teknologi Tinggi, Institut Kemahiran Belia Negara dan lain-lain bagi memenuhi keperluan tenaga mahir untuk jangka masa panjang,” katanya.

Tambah Roslan, ketika ini juga, CTRM berganding bahu dengan Universiti DRB-HICOM di Pekan Pahang untuk melahirkan pelajar diploma dan ijazah dalam bidang teknologi pembuatan komposit aeroangkasa bagi memastikan kesinambungan pembangunan tenaga kerja professional berlandaskan pendidikan berteraskan industri.

Program itu dijangka akan mula ditawarkan pada tahun 2018.

“Selain itu, bagi mempertingkatkan keupayaan CTRM, syarikat telah menjalinkan kerjasama dengan tenaga pakar luar negara termasuk daripada syarikat Airbus untuk menghasilkan jurutera pakar tempatan yang berkemahiran tinggi dalam pelbagai bidang termasuklah Ujian Ketahanan Kemusnahan.

“Ini antara lain bagi mematikan sumber tenaga mahir dapat disalurkan secara berterusan,” ujarnya.

Source: Kosmo, 27 Ogos 2017


Kuala Lumpur- Composites Technology Research Malaysia Sdn Bhd (CTRM) has embarked on five key strategies in its quest to capture new markets and innovative new products and services in order to remain competitive and relevant in aviation industry.

Group Chief Operating Officer Shamsuddin Mohamed Yusof said the five key strategies, namely business expansion, operational excellence, infrastructure expansion, engineering and technology development and people development, were introduced early this year to guide the company within the next three to five years.

“This is a mid- to long-term plan and we will continue to review it, depending on the requirement of the industry. We are going to refresh it regularly to ensure that it is continuously relevant,” he told Bernama on the sidelines of the Malaysia Aerospace Summit 2017 (My AERO’ 17) here yesterday.

Narrowing down the strategies, he said the business expansion strategy was aimed at achieving RM1 billion revenue from 2018 onwards and strengthening current business, as well as capturing new markets and innovating new products and services.

He said the strategy was also aimed at strengthening competitiveness through development of local supply chain. On infrastructure expansion, he said the strategy was aimed at enhancing capabilities through expansion of new building and equipment.

He said CTRM would also promote operational excellence through the best practices of lean activities, continuous improvement and innovation- Bernama

Source: New Sarawak Tribune, 16 August 2017


Kuala Lumpur- Industri aeroangkasa Malaysia terus berkembang kukuh dengan sasaran meraih pelaburan RM1 bilion pada tahun ini. Menteri Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri, Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed, berkata dalam pada itu eksport produk dan komponen berkaitan aeroangkasa Malaysia dijangka meningkat 20 peratus tahun ini, selepas mencatatkan eksport kukuh sebanyak RM5.5 bilion tahun lalu.

Beliau berkata, kerajaan komited menjadikan Malysia sebagai negara aeroangkasa nombor satu di Asia Tenggara menjelang 2030. Ekosistem aeroangkasa di negara ini berkembang pesat sejak lebih dua dekad lalu dengan lebih 200 syarikat aeroangkasa sedang beroperasi di Malaysia ketika ini. “Malaysia kini menjadi antara pembekal utama kepada pengeluar global seperti Airbus, Boeing dan Rolls Royce.

Pasaran Global
“Produk seperti selongsong kipas, brek karbon, kawalan pesawat automatik dan paparan pesawat elektronik dikeluarkan di negara ini untuk pasaran global,” katanya pada sidang media sempena Sidang Kemuncak Aeroangkasa Malaysia 2017 (MyAero’17) di Kuala Lumpur, semalam.

Mustapa berkata, antara peserta aeroangkasa utama beroperasi di Malaysia termasuk Airbus,GE, Spirit Aerosystems, Safran Landing Systems, UTC Aerospace Systems dan Honeywell Aerospace Avionics.

Beliau berkata, antara syarikat tempatan yang menjadi pembekal komponen kepada pengeluar aeroangkasa global ialah CTRM dan SME Aerospace Sdn Bhd. Malah, UMW juga memperoleh urus niaga RM830 juta dengan Rolls Royce untuk mengeluarkan selongsong kipas bagi enjin Trent 1000 dan Trent 7000.

Mengenai prospek pertumbuhan industri aeroangkasa, Mustapa berkata, sebanyak 16,000 pesawat baharu dijangka dihantar ke Asia dalam tempoh 20 tahun akan datang, sekali gus menjadikannya pasaran aeroangkasa terbesar menjelang 2036. Beliau berkata, prospek cerah industri aeroangkasa di Asia menarik pengeluar pesawat utama dunia untuk mengalihkan pangkalan pengeluaran mereka ke rantau itu.

MyAERO’17 dianjurkan buat pertama kali oleh Kementerian Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri sejak menjadi Pengerusi Mesyuarat Majlis Aeroangkasa Malaysia pada 2015.

Source: Berita Harian, 16 Ogos 2017


Kuala Lumpur- Malaysia is slowly positioning itself as one of the countries for multinational companies to establish and expand their aerospace facilities. Among the leading aerospace players already in Malaysia are Airbus, Safran Landing Systems, Spirit Aerosystem and Singapore Aerospace Systems.
International Trade and Industry (Miti) Minister Mustapa Mohamed said Malaysia has positioned itself as a critical supplier of aircraft structural components. “We have CTRM, SME Aerospace and UMW Aerospace, which have become suppliers for global OEMs such as Airbus, Boeing and Rolls Royce,” he said referring to original equipment manufacturers.

These OEM products include fan casings, fan cowls, carbon brakes, leading edge panels, sharkelets, nacelle beams, and automatic flight control and electronic flight displays.

“The export of these aerospace products were valued at RM5.53 billion in 2016, a 32.6% increase from the RM4.17 billion recorded in 2015,” he said. Mustapa said Miti this year was targeting to increase the exports of OEM products by around 20%, despite the tight economic environment.

Currently, the aerospace industry provides 21,000 jobs, 8,800 in the manufacturing sector, he told the media at the Malaysia Aerospace Summit 2017 (MyAero’17) here today.

Mustapa said the Malaysian aerospace industry had attracted investments of RM1.6 billion in 2016 compared with RM4 billion the previous year. Malaysia recorded investments of RM8.7 billion for the sector between 2011 and 2015.

He said the slight dip in investments in 2016 was considered normal as Malaysia was still in the infancy stage in the industry.

“What’s more important is the long-term potential that the aerospace industry has to offer.”

Source:,15 August 2017


ctrm news

Launched as an independent initiative in the year of 2003 with only five recipients from two countries, The Asia HRD Award has now becoming a prestigious event held annually. This award celebrates and recognizes those who contribute towards people development and society in human resource profession, organisations, community or society as a whole.
The event that has took place at Le Meridien Hotel Putrajaya on the 8 th of August was attended by Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi as the Guest of Honour.

In this special occasion, Composites Technology Research Malaysia (CTRM) has won the ‘Contribution to Organisation Award 2017’ for the best practices in building employee morale and reducing attrition levels. The company has instituted a successful HR scorecard programme to help in the development of people, skills and capabilities that impacts positively towards company’s business performance.

CTRM was one of the six organisations chosen to obtain the Contribution to Organisation award. The other five were Social Security Organisation Malaysia, Pahang State Foundation, Asian Institute Management of Philippines, Prasarana Malaysia Berhad and Cyberview Sdn Bhd. The award was received by the Head of Human Capital & Administration, Mr. Che Zulhaimee Abdullah. Also attended the event was the Chief Operating Officer of CTRM Aero Composites, Mr. Roslan Roskan.


ctrm news

77 kumpulan terdiri daripada pelbagai sektor kerajaan dan swasta telah bertanding dalam Konvensyen Team Excellence Wilayah Selatan 2017.
Bertempat di Hotel Ramada Plaza, Melaka, konvensyen ini telah berlangsung selama dua hari bermula 1 sehingga 2 Ogos yang lepas. CTRM, salah sebuah syarikat yang mewakili sektor pembuatan telah menghantar dua kumpulan iaitu The Probe dan TQM Improvement untuk bertanding dalam konvensyen tersebut.

Kedua-dua kumpulan telah berjaya mengharumkan nama CTRM apabila mendapat pengiktirafan anugerah emas. The Probe telah mengenengahkan projek ‘Optimization on A320 Spoiler Compaction Table through Automation’ yang berjaya melakukan penjimatan tahunan sebanyak RM 749,406.00. Manakala, TQM Improvement telah berjaya melakukan penjimatan sebanyak RM 1,359,717.00 melalui projek ‘Improvement of Total Tool Reliability for A350 IBF/ OBF Package by Improving Tool Rework Method and Process Enhancement’.

Kejayaan The Probe dan TQM Improvement telah membuktikan bahawa kedua-dua kumpulan ini mempunyai kemampuan yang tinggi untuk menghasilkan penambahbaikan yang menjurus kepada projek-projek penjimatan kos. Diharapkan kejayaan mereka dapat membakar semangat warga CTRM yang lain untuk sama-sama melibatkan diri dalam projek penambahbaikan syarikat.

Upacara penyampaian sijil dan anugerah telah disempurnakan oleh YB Datuk Chua Tee Yong, Timbalan Menteri Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri (MITI).


ctrm news

Kudos to QMS and NDT team who has scored zero findings on the Nadcap NDT audit on the last 25 th and 26 th of July. Six selected work packages including Airbus LE, Airbus JNose, AH EC130 Fenestron, Airbus A350 GKNDE, Nose Cap, UTAS B787 Fan cowl GE and KAL B737 FSF Bond Assy were all cleared from any findings in relation with requirement.

The two days audit report has successfully shown that the team has worked hard to ensure the result will be the best outcomes.

Happening third time in a row, after two consecutive 24 months merit, CTRM managed to get another merit for 24 months with the next audit due in 2019.

“CTRM AC is a supplier of composite assemblies used for airframe and was very prepared for this audit” says Mark Warchol, Nadcap Auditor.

“Company work facilities including NDT are very clean, equipment was well maintained and conducive to quality work, and the personnel are well trained and capable’’, he added.

The Quality and NDT personnel were viewed as very professional, highly cooperative, honest and courteous. He agrees that CTRM Aero Composites has also demonstrated an innovative inspection system that solved customer problems.

We are very proud of the accomplishment and hope to hear more good news from other department. Bravo!


Airbus Procurement Aerostructures SQIP Awards

CTRM Testing Laboratory (CTRM TL) is pleased to announce that its laboratory has attained the “Airbus Independent Not Referent” Status by Airbus France.

Together with the qualification, the laboratory will cover 29 aerospace related testing in various international testing standards which includes AiTM, ASTM and ISO. This recognition is an initiation for CTRM TL to pursue the Airbus Independent Laboratory status by 2019. CTRM TL was the first laboratory awarded with Nadcap AC7122 in Asia in 2011 and successfully maintained its Nadcap accreditation through Performance Review Institute (PRI), USA.v

PRI is a global provider of customer-focused solutions designed to improve process and product quality by adding value, reducing total cost and promoting collaboration among stakeholders in industries where safety and quality are the shared goals. CTRM TL also managed to garner 24 months merits from PRI based on excellent performance by achieving zero major CAR and consistent performance from the past two audits. Over 42 laboratories in the world have been accredited with Nadcap AC7122 by this eminent institute.

Besides Nadcap AC7122, the lab is also an ISO17025 accredited laboratory. These prestigious recognitions are awarded only after an exhaustive assessment of the lab procedures, controls and activities to ensure it’s compliance to international standards. It is an indication that the laboratory meets international recognized standappsnew/ards, capable of performing testing activities to the highest level of technical competency. CTRM TL was established in 2011 and commercially conducting testing in various fields including aerospace, automotive, construction, energy and locomotive comprising of customers from all over Asia.

Explore our websites at http:// . For any testing enquiry please contact us via email or through calls at 06-3319019.


KUALA LUMPUR: Lebih 50 delegasi Malaysia mengambil bahagian dalam Pameran Udara Antarabangsa Paris yang berlangsung selama tujuh hari bermula 19 Jun lalu.

Ketua Pejabat Penyelaras Industri Aeroangkasa Kebangsaan (NAICO), Shamsul Kamar Abu Samah, berkata kehadiran Malaysia dalam acara aeroangkasa antarabangsa itu adalah menggalakkan dan sudah mula menunjukkan momentum beberapa tahun kebelakangan ini.

"Peningkatan permintaan terhadap industri aeroangkasa Malaysia bagi menampung pasaran global yang semakin meningkat mendorong kami untuk mempercepatkan keupayaan untuk terus berdaya saing," katanya dalam kenyataan hari ini.

Shamsul Kamar berkata, kerajaan memainkan peranan penting dalam penyertaan Malaysia di dalam acara berkenaan yang mana membabitkan kerjasama sesama agensi antara NAICO dan Perbadanan Pembangunan Perdagangan Luar Malaysia (MATRADE).

Lembaga Pembangunan Pelaburan Malaysia (MIDA), SME Corporation Malaysia dan penggiat utama aeroangkasa tempatan seperti Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB), UMW M&E Sdn Bhd, Aerospace Malaysia Innovation Centre (AMIC) dan CTRM Sdn Bhd.

"Acara ini adalah tempat untuk penggiat-penggiat utama dalam industri mempamerkan teknologi pesawat dan aeroangkasa mereka.

"Ia juga adalah tempat untuk Malaysia memastikan kehadirannya dirasai dalam sektor 'niche' ini serta mempamerkan dan mempromosikan keupayaan kita dan infrastruktur kelas dunia dan sistem eko kepada dunia," katanya.

Industri aeroangkasa adalah industri yang pesat membangun dan dikenal pasti oleh kerajaan sebagai salah satu sub sektor penggalak di bawah rancangan Malaysia ke-11.

Malaysia merancang untuk menjadi negara peneraju dalam industri aeroangkasa di Asia Tenggara menjelang tahun 2030 dengan industri itu menyasarkan mahu menjana pendapatan tahunan sebanyak RM55.2 bilion dan mewujudkan lebih 32,000 peluang pekerjaan berpendapatan tinggi.

Source:, 21 June 2017


Airbus Procurement Aerostructures SQIP Awards

The growth in the aviation sector and the burgeoning low-cost carrier sector are providing an encouraging stimulus to components manufacturers such as Composites Technology Research Malaysia Sdn Bhd (CTRM).
Its Group Chief Operating Officer (GCOO) Shamsuddin Mohamed Yusof said this would position CTRM to become a billion ringgit company in two years on the back of the strong demand for aircraft and a rapidly-growing global aviation sector.

Elaborating on the growth of the aviation sector, Shamsuddin said by 2035, there would be an estimated 33,070 plane orders valued at US$5.2 trillion (RM 22.57), based on a study by Airbus.
He said orders for second tier CTRM products from first-tier component makers like Spirit and UTC Aerospace Systems, both based in the United States, had thickened its order book to the tune of RM11.9 billion, and this would last up to 2035.

Airbus currently accounts for 70 per cent of CTRM’s business at present (via orders coming in from the first-tier Airbus suppliers, as well as a small portion of direct orders from Airbus itself). Shamsudin said at a briefing that the company registered a revenue of RM855 million last year. The briefing was held in conjunction with the announcement of the company winning the “Best Improver Award at the Supply Chain & Quality Improvement programme in France last month.

He also told the media at CTRM’s plant in Batu Berendam, here, yesterday, that this year, the company, a unit of DRB-HICOM Group of Companies, was spending RM93.4 million to construct a sixth building in Melaka, scheduled for completion in February next year.

CTRM plans to become an Airbus-certified Full Independent Lab in 14 months.The news of it becoming a Full Independent Lab, said Shamsuddin, had already resulted in many enquiries from global aviation and aerospace industry players for the supply of parts. The company’s total assets as at last year stood at RM842 million.

At the same event, Airbus issued a statement saying the value of work undertaken in Malaysia was set to increase by 25 per cent over the next five years, growing from US$400 million at present to US$500 million by 2021. “The increase will come on the back of higher production rates for the aircraft types worked on by suppliers like CTRM, Spirit Aerospace and Celestica, and a growth in the footprint of local joint ventures, including maintenance, repair and overhaul firm Sepang Aircraft Engineering,” said the European aircraft maker.

Source: New Straits Times, 16 May 2017


Nilai kontrak pembekalan komponen pesawat Airbus di Malaysia dijangka melonjak 25 peratus kepada AS$500 juta (RM 2.17 bilion) setahun menjelang 2021 berbanding AS$400 juta (RM1.73 bilion) setahun ketika ini.
Ia sejajar dengan unjuran pasaran industri aeroangkasa yang bakal menyaksikan sejumlah 33,070 pesawat baharu dikeluarkan untuk 20 tahun akan datang dengan nilai mencecah AS$5.21 trilion (RM 22.6 trilion).

CTRM di kedudukan selesa

Potensi pertumbuhan kontrak kerja itu sekali gus bakal menyaksikan pembekal komponen pesawat tempatan termasuk Composites Technology Research Malaysia Sdn Bhd (CTRM) berada di kedudukan selesa melayari gelombang industri pertumbuhan tinggi itu.

Ketua Pegawai Operasi Kumpulan CTRM, Shamsuddin Mohamed Yusof, berkata pertumbuhan agresif industri itu menjadi asas untuk meletakkan sasaran tinggi menjadi syarikat bernilai RM1 bilion selepas 2019. Sebelum ini, katanya, sasaran itu berpotensi untuk dicapai lebih awal berdasarkan prestasi pendapatan syarikat sebanyak RM824 Juta bagi tahun kewangan 2016, namun terjejas ekoran persekitaran ekonomi mencabar termasuk kemasukan mata wang pound selepas Brexit.

“ Hujung tahun ini, CTRM akan menyaksikan peristiwa penting apabila Airbus memindahkan sepenuhnya operasi pengeluaran Fan Cowl A350 di Chulavista Riverside kepada kami menjadikan kami satu-satunya pengeluar tunggal Fan Cowl pesawat Airbus A350 di dunia ini.

“ Pertumbuhan pendapatan syarikat juga akan digalakkan lagi dengan rancangan CTRM untuk meneroka peluang baharu membekalkan komponen panel dalaman pesawat Airbus dan kerusi penumpang dalam tempoh dua tahun”.

“Bahkan, kami juga berusaha meyakinkan Airbus memanfaatkan sepenuhnya kepakaran pengujian kami untuk dipertingkatkan kepada Airbus Full Indpencence Lab dalam tempoh 12 hingga 18 bulan bagi membuka sumbangan pendapatan baharu kelak,” katanya ketika lawatan ke Batu Berendam, Melaka, semalam.

Beliau sebelum itu mengadakan lawatan media ke kemudahan CTRM Batu Berendam bagi melihat lebih dekat rancangan perluasannya bagi menampung kontrak kerja baharu industri aeroangkasa. Mengulas lanjut, beliau berkata, anak syarikat Kumpulan DRB-HICOM itu memperuntukkan pelaburan berjumlah RM93.4 juta bagi membangunkan kemudahan pengeluaran baharu dalam kawasan CTRM Batu Berendam.

Source: Berita Harian, 16 Mei 2017

CTRM WINS BEST IMPROVER AWARD 2017 - Airbus recognises CTRM’s commitment

Airbus Procurement Aerostructures SQIP Awards

Composites Technology Research Malaysia Sdn Bhd (CTRM), a member of the DRB-HICOM Group Companies, was recently awarded the “Best Improver Award” in a brief award ceremony held in conjunction with the Airbus SQIP (Supply Chain & Quality Improvement Program) Day 2017, in Toulouse, France on April 25.

The award was in recognition of CTRM’s demonstrated performance improvement on the products quality and delivery in 2016, which include sustainability of key performances for the last six months. CTRM’s Group Chief Operating Officer, Shamsuddin Mohamed Yusof, made the announcement during the media familiarization tour jointly organized by CTRM and Airbus at its plant here today.

The Airbus SQIP Award, an annual event since 2012, has been introduced with the objective of sharing Airbus’s achievements, challenges and best practices which drive improvements to its supply chain. Three awards categories were presented at the event which includes, Best Improver, Best Performer and the highest award, Accreditation. CTRM was one of the four recipients for Best Improver out of 28 Airbus main suppliers.

“We are extremely proud to be acknowledged as an important strategic partner for Airbus. This partnership would surely benefit the development of the aerospace industry in Malaysia, at the same time elevates the nation’s position as a complete business hub in the region. Having received this award, we are committed to achieve the next recognition, which is the Best Performer Award for 2018”, said Shamsuddin.

CTRM has been an important strategic partner for Airbus in the region, producing major composite aircraft parts covering flat and complexed curvature panels, since 2000 in its Batu Berendam facility. Currently, CTRM produces the A350 fan cowl skins and various parts for Airbus fleets which include the A320, A400M and A380 aircrafts, amongst others. The company is also known to be the only facility in the region to have the largest number of autoclave in addition to a dedicated paint shop and test laboratory to complement its core business.

“CTRM is a key partner for Airbus, delivering around 2,000 composite parts every week for aircraft across our commercial product line, as well as the A400M military transport and the H130 helicopter. This is part of our broader investment in Malaysia’s aerospace industry, which is an important part of the Airbus supply chain. We are also delighted that CTRM has reinforced its commitment to its relationship with Airbus by investing in its future capacity and capability. We look forward to continuing with this partnership with CTRM and Malaysia for many more years to come,” says Jean-Francois Laval, Executive Vice President of Asia, Airbus.

Mr. Shamsuddin was present to receive the award from Thierry Gendre, Airbus Head of Supply Chain & Quality. Accompanying Mr. Shamsuddin were Mr. Nor Azham Baharin, Head of Operation & Improvement and Mr. Shahrulnizam Ahmad, Head of Business Strategy and Development.

How have your business lines developed in the Malaysian market?

SHAMSUDDIN MOHAMED YUSOF CTRM was established in 1990 under the Ministry of Finance with the objective to become a global composite production hub. This is a capital-intensive industry, with a high level of skills required for staff. The government assisted us by channeling grants and providing incentives for our industry to flourish. Through these efforts, we were able to establish ourselves as the pioneers in composite manufacturing, which was a new field for Malaysia. CTRM has over the years invested heavily in high-tech equipment and machinery, and we are now looking at growth. Loyalty and persistent commitment to our existing major customers over the years have further complemented CTRM in shaping its future strategic business plan.

The market of composites part manufacturing is open, and we intend to focus on our major customers to remain cost competitive, especially in development activities. The acquisition of CTRM by DRB-HICOM in November 2013 has further accelerated the growth of the company from a MYR300 million turnover in 2012 to more than MYR800 million in 2015, after a major CAPEX investment of approximately MYR135.7 million as part of plant capacity expansion. This has further strengthened customers' confidence, which in turn has seen our order books rise to almost MYR12 billion until 2030 Read More ...

ctrm news


CTRM marked a major milestone in Human Resource division when it won the ‘Creativity and Innovation Award’ at the HRD Awards 2016 held in the Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur recently. The Deputy Minister of Human Resource, YB Dato’ Hj Ismail bin Hj Abd Muttalib graced the event and gave away the prizes to all winners. The prestigious award was received by Encik Shamsuddin Mohamed Yusof, CTRM Group Chief Operating Officer, accompanied by Encik Che Zulhaimee Abdullah, Head of Human Capital & Administration CTRM.

The HRD Award is the highest national recognition in the field of Human Resource Development, introduced and awarded by the Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad under the Ministry of Human Resource. There are 4 award categories, namely Human Resource Minister Award, Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad Award, Innovation & Creativity Award and Pearl Award. The objective of the awards is to recognize outstanding employers who have contributed significantly in the field of human resource development and promoting a culture of learning and development that enhances the employee’s competencies.

There are 4000 employers who are qualified to be nominated for the awards. CTRM Aero Composites was one of the 6 shortlisted companies nominated under large manufacturing company category.

Apart of immediate recognition among the HRD community, winning the award also help to raise the company’s profile with CTRM stakeholders.


Following its inspiring success in previous MPC events, this year saw another round of commitment from CTRM when 2 teams were sent to compete at national level on MPC Team Excellence which was held in conjunction with the Annual Productivity & Innovation and Exposition 2016. Team FBI (Facility and Equipment Division) and Team IN-TEMPO (Production, Engineering, IPP & FEM Division) presented their cases titled Eliminating Recurrence of Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Connector Failure and Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) Optimization on Autoclave No. 8 respectively. Both teams were awarded with the 3-Star Award and team FBI made it to the Top 10 Teams in Manufacturing.

Earlier this year, In-TEMPO Team has emerged as Champion and nominated for Best Presenter category, meanwhile team FBI scored a 2nd runner up in the DRB-HICOM Convention FY2015/16.

Looking back, team FBI and IN-TEMPO were both formed in the early days of CTRM’s improvement exercise. Their ideas of improvement were shared with the whole CTRM staff during internal convention in 2015. Both teams were later trained and groomed by CTRM HMS to further equip them with all the necessary skills and techniques in presentation. Today, they become the CTRM’s icon on Continuous Improvement (CI) and source of reference and aspiration for others to partake and promote all CI and cost saving initiatives at CTRM.

The annual MPC convention and competition was held at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) with participation from more than 300 teams from companies of various category of industries in Malaysia. Kudos to everyone involved!


Farnborough 12 July - CTRM Aero Composites Sdn Bhd (CTRM AC), a subsidiary of Composites Technology Research Malaysia Sdn Bhd (CTRM) and a member company of DRB-HICOM Group, demonstrates another significant achievement in its production history with the delivery of 1st unit of the complete Airbus A350 Fan Cowl Skins to its customer UTC Aerospace Systems (UTAS). The Fan Cowl Skins CSN0006 were delivered to UTAS facility in Chula Vista, California, USA where it will be assembled before being finally shipped to UTAS facility in Toulouse, France.

In 2009, CTRM AC signed a life of a program contract with UTAS for the manufacture and supply of Airbus A350 Fan Cowl. The company was also qualified to Rohr Process Specification 24.28 to build A350 Fan Cowl.

CTRM AC’s work on the A350 Fan Cowl components is done entirely at its latest and largest plant in Batu Berendam, Malacca, Malaysia. Since its acquisition of the company in 2013, DRB-HICOM has made significant capital investment in CTRM. The new building, part of which was built for the A350 program, is now equipped with new high-tech machinery and equipment to support CTRM’s commitment towards expanding its manufacturing capabilities to cater to the increasing customers’ demand in productivity.

True to its reputation as a Centre of Excellence for Fan Cowl, CTRM takes pride in producing and delivering quality components in compliance with customer’s stringent requirements.


Farmborough 12 July - Adding to its product portfolios of composite Wing and Nacelle, Composites Technology Research Malaysia Sdn Bhd (CTRM), a member company of the DRB-HICOM Group, marks another major milestone with the production and delivery of MSN 01 and MSN 02 of Airbus Helicopter H130 Fenestron, for its customer Airbus Helicopter in Marignane, France.

The Fenestron was the latest composite aerostructure program at CTRM which involve a total of 15 special processes. The package consists of 3 split assemblies, Fenestron, Fin Ventral and Fairing. The Fenestron itself is made up of eight parts, of carbon and hybrid material. The complexity of the lay-up process due to its shape coupled with its unique mould technology has exposed CTRM to two new processes to its current capabilities, the insert as well as structural bonding and riveting.

The project kicked off in May 2012 when the Malaysian government purchased 12 units of EC725 SAR/Utility helicopter from Airbus Helicopter. CTRM was awarded with the offset program to produce the Fenestron for a contract duration until 2021 or 320 sets in total delivery.

With the success delivery and compliance to the quality standard, CTRM targets to further enhance its reputation and standing as the preferred and capable supplier to aircraft manufacturers.


Farnborough 12 July - Recognized among the aerospace brands in the world, CTRM Aero Composites (CTRM AC), a subsidiary of Composites Technology Research Malaysia Sdn Bhd (CTRM), and a member of company of DRB-HICOM Group is a single source and the largest composites component supplier for the Airbus A320 Series aircraft wing, covering 20% of the wing surface.

CTRM’s commitment stands out as almost 50% of the Airbus A320 aircrafts in service today or 5,000 aircrafts flying around the world, have its wing component made by CTRM.

CTRM momentum’s towards excellence accelerates as the company was further entrusted to produce the latest A320/A321 NEO packages namely the Flap Track Fairing Tk2, A321 NEO Top Cover Tk4 and A320 NEO Leading Edge.

The first shipset was delivered last October 2015 following the development phase which started in March 2015. The project scope up to 2026 consist of RM10.8 million in total contract value.

Having propelled to its current status, CTRM AC sets to soar higher by looking into opportunities for minor assembly jobs in the near future.