Machines & Equipment

CTRM Autoclave

Autoclave (12 Units)Working Diameter Range :
Length Range : 4.5m ~ 15.0m
Width Range : 2.7m ~ 5.4m



NDT (11 Units)Manual Phased Array
Vertical Scanner
Rotary System
Twin Tower
Flat Bed

ply cutter

PLY CUTTER (7 Units) Length Range : 1.8m ~ 10.0m
Width Range : 1.8m ~ 2.5m



CNC (7 Units) Length Range : 3.3m ~ 10.0m
Width Range : 2.0m ~ 6.0m


CTRM CMM- Coordinate Measuring Machine

CMMCoordinate Measuring Machine


CTRM Paintshop

Paint Shop3 units of Sanding Booth.
5 units of Spray Booth.
Water Break Test.
3 units of Ovens.

In House Core


  • Flat Panels
  • Curvature Panels
  • CNC Panels

Testing Laboratory

CTRM Mechanical Testing

Composites Mechanical Testing

Flatwise Tensile, Flexural Strength and Modulus, Interlaminar Shear Strength, Glass Transition Temperature and more
Composites Physical Testing

Composites Physical Testing

For carbon fiber reinforced plastic (woven & unidirectional), glass reinforced plastic, and core materials

Certifications and Approvals

  • AS 9100 Rev D Quality System
  • AC 7108 for Chemical Processing
  • AC 7114 for Non-Destructive Testing
  • AC 7118 for Composites
  • AC 7122 for Non Metallic Material Test
  • AC 7130 for Measurement & Inspection
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • ISO 17025
  • Boeing approved QMS as defined in D1-4426 Processor Requirements Sec 6.15.3. - AQS
  • Nondestructive Inspection of Composite Parts - Structures - NDT
  • Fiber Reinforced Composite Parts (QPL) - COMP
  • Carbon and Aramid Reinforced Composite Parts 350F Cure (QPL) - COMP
  • Mfg. of High Temperature Resistant Epoxy Str. Parts (QPL) - COMP
  • Adv. Composite Honeycomb Sandwich Str. Parts (QPL) - COMP
  • Manufacturing processes scope - Airbus SAS
  • Quality Management Approval (BAE/AG/QC/SC10 Typhoon Program only) - BAE SYSTEMS
  • AERO-ALL-QU-SC-ALL-125 Quality Requirements for Suppliers. - Spirit AeroSystems (Europe) Limited
  • Quality Management System - Goodrich Aerostructures Group
  • Manufacturing of Composites Structures & Assemblies, and Procurement of Metallic Structures & Assemblies - GKN Aerospace Services - Cowes
  • Manufacturing of Carbon fiber Composite Material Structures. I+D-P-233 (CASA-1400) - Airbus Military
  • Manufacturing of Glass fiber Composite Material Structures. I+D-P-052 (CASA-1400) - Airbus Military
  • Painting of Composite Detail Parts. I+D-P-358, I+D-P-060 (CASA-1089, CASA-1400) - Airbus Military
  • Type 1A Sealant (I+D-P-146 and CASA1145) - Airbus Military
  • Inspection Ultrasonic (I+D-P-276) - EADS-CASA
  • Manufacturing, Structural Bonding and Assembly of Composite Parts. - EADS-Military Air System (EADS-MAS)
  • AS9100 Quality System Approval - Spirit AeroSystems (Wichita USA)
  • Airbus Helicopter
    Manufacturing of monolithic structures
    Manufacturing of sandwich structures
    Honeycomb thermofixing
    Installation of inserts
    Non-structural bonding
    Non-structural riveting
    Test laboratory
    Ultrasonic A/scan Contact (monolithic structures)
    Ultrasonic A/scan Contact (bonding)
    Ultrasonic C/scan water jets (Sandwich structures)
    Tapping test