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CTRM Aero Composites Sdn Bhd (Lean Manufacturing)


Japanese Company introduced Lean after the Second World War. It was a time for most industries in Japan, especially the automotive industry. They were facing with shortages of raw material, financial and human resources. Eiiji Toyoda and Taiichi Ohno of Toyota Motor Company pioneered the concept of Toyota Production System as a mean to overcome these shortages. The system was known as Lean Manufacturing in the United States.

Its basic idea was to eliminate waste. Waste was defined as anything that does not add values to the end products from the customer’s perspective. Its objective was to improve business operations and to be more competitive. The objective was to improve business operations and to be more competitive in the market. This would be achievable through the implementation of various Lean Manufacturing tools and techniques. This could be achieved through the implementation of various Lean Manufacturing tools and techniques.

Quickly following the success of Lean Manufacturing in Japan, other companies and industries, particularly in the US, copied the system. According to Womack and Jones the word ‘Lean’ denoted a system that utilised less input to create the same output as those created by a traditional mass production system, while increased varieties for the end customers.

Lean is to manufacture only what is needed by the customers, when it is needed and in the quantities ordered. The manufacture of product is done in a way that minimises the time taken to deliver the finished product, the amount of labour required and the floor space required. The process is done at a lower cost but with the highest quality of finished product.

CTRM AC Lean History

CTRM AC started its Lean Programmes since June 2003. A Self-Managing Team was one of the pioneer programmes, focusing the manufacturing department. On 5th August 2004, Datuk Rosdi Mahmud, CEO of CTRM officially launched the Lean Programme to be part of CTRM working culture. Since then, Lean was practiced through awareness training, especially for the operations personnel. The training was important, as all personnel must be made to understand Lean concept and Management’s strategy.

Lean Promotion Office was responsible for the success of this programme. It was a tough challenge as it was not an easy task to change the traditional working culture to lean thinking. Every personnel are different in their character, behaviour and thinking. These are not obstacles for the LPO team, but they took it as an opportunity to make Lean as company work culture by end of 2015.

CTRM-AC Lean House

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