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CTRM Aero Composites Sdn Bhd (Achievements)

  • CTRM AC was awarded the Best Certified Supplier by Goodrich Aero Structures (USA) for the V2500 programme.
  • Awarded 2007 Melaka Chief Minister Prize in Customer Focus and Quality Category.
Airbus 320 programme
Delivered over 1500 Ship sets of Airbus A320 Products On-Time, Right Quality
A single source and the largest composite component supplier for the Airbus A320 Series Aircraft Wing, covering 20% of the wing surface
Almost 50% of Airbus A320 aircrafts in service are using composites component manufactured by CTRM.
Composites aero structures manufactured are Spoiler, Overwing, Underwing Fixed Fairing and Moveable Fairing.
Airbus A380 programme
The first Asian Airbus-Partner to commence work.
The first Asian partner to commence in the Airbus A380 programme.
Responsible for design, development, tooling, certification, manufacturing and support.
Manufacture the Inboard Outer Fixed Leading Edge (IOFLE).
Design and manufacture Fixed Leading Edge Lower Panels (FLELP).
Manufacture Inner Inboard Fixed Leading Edge (IIFLE).
Airbus A400M programme
The first military program Partnership packages.
The first military programme partnership package.
Manufacture Tail Plane Leading Edge Panels.
Manufacture Wing Trailing Edge Panels.
Manufacture Tail Plan Trailing Edge Panels & Actuator Fittings.
Manufacture Nacelle Extension Fairing & Fuel Pump Fairing.
Manufacture the Main Landing Gear Door.
Airbus A350XWB programme
Manufacture Aft Cascade Ring.
Boeing 787 Dreamliner programme
Manufacture Aft Bulkhead & Assembly.
Inner Barrel Back Skin.
360° Inner Barrel Panel.
Boeing 737 Next Generation programme
Manufacture Saddle Fairing.
Boeing 777
Manufacture Chine.
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