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Unmanned Systems Technology Sdn Bhd (The UAS)


The first UAS project for CTRM was the Eagle ARV System, a collaboration project with BAE Systems in 2001. The system was a manned Eagle 150B light aircraft, converted into a UAS and was successfully flown during LIMA 2001. Since then, CTRM has been actively developing a completely indigenous UAS, from airframe to autopilot systems. A team was eventually formed in 2003 and begun their R&D activities to develop a small UAS demonstrator aircraft.

The ‘EX-01’ was the first prototype with maximum weight of 15 kg, wingspan of 8 feet and was flown as a Remotely Pilot Vehicle (RPV) with video camera payload but without autopilot system.

In 2004, CTRM collaborated with Ikramatic Systems to begin the development of a Malaysian autopilot system for the ‘EX-01’ aircraft. The aircraft was redesigned and subsequently renamed as ‘SR-01’. A total of 8 aircrafts were built. The new aircraft had a maximum weight of 35kg, increased wingspan, and a powerful engine. It was the platform that successfully proved the viability of Ikramatic’s Autopilot System (IMRAN).

In 2006, CTRM, SCS and Ikramatic started their work to develop a new UAS, aptly named as ‘SR-02’. The new aircraft is weighted at over 130kg, wingspan of 16 feet, a 32 hp engine and carry up to 25kg payload. The ‘SR-02’ was eventually renamed to ‘ALUDRA’ (Alliance Unmanned Developmental Research Aircraft), signifying the spirit of the consortium and the latest UAS developed by CTRM.

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