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The Eagle 150B is not just an aesthetic aircraft concept. It is a different concept altogether. Its unique wing design has been perfected using the world’s be expertise. The finished product has been accredited by the toughest certification agencies in the world.

Eagle 150B is powered by a 125HP Teledyne Continental IO-240-B7B engine. It is the most reliable, powerful yet fuel-efficient aircraft engine ever built. The aircraft is capable to cruise at 125 knots or 145 mph. This combination has put the Eagle 150B in a class of its own in the new generation of light aircraft.

Eagle 150B provides a distinct forward and main wing configurations. These configurations allow the aircraft to be highly manoeuvrable and stable while taking its flight. It also displays its high safety standard with its excellent stall recovery characteristics, thus making it the most versatile trainer aircraft.

The safety characteristics of an Eagle 150B is further enhanced with its Kevlar-reinforced wings and fuselage. This will provide a high impact resistance, but with ease for any repairing to be done and lower maintenance cost.

The instrument panels are ergonomically designed with dual electrically controlled rudder pedals. Its cockpits can sits two persons comfortably and with ease. Hence, the Eagle 150B is indeed the most attractive single engine light aircraft that is available in the market.

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